Historical Swords

Every gun in the world

Every gun in the world

Oh for heaven’s sake. Look at all the NRA-inspired answers. All dreadfully similar. And - before I get jumped on - some aren’t actually wrong. But at the same time, But then, you should have known that. Certain questions are going to produce certain answers. If you didn’t know that you were asking a rhetorical question - well, now you do. But I love answering rhetorical questions…

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Antique automatic Knives

Antique automatic Knives

Winner of the 2012 Midwest Independent Publishers Association Awards for: Coffee Table Book and Interior Layout is a full-color hardbound book which features 160 pages of premier switchblades from five countries. No previous book has included switchblades from England, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States along with accompanying ephemera and comprehensive information…

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US Army surplus Guns

US Army surplus Guns

There is a lot of crossover between gun enthusiasts and history fans. Sure, we all like to know the thread pitch of every screw in our firearms, but what we really enjoy learning in most cases are the stories behind our firearms. And, when it comes to history, it is hard to beat a military surplus firearm. Sure, every gun has a history to it, like your grandfather’s single-shot…

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