First Revolver ever made

Edit: This answer reflects the original wording of the question when they asked if the person inventing it could be identified.

Effectively no.

Samuel Colt established what we know as the revolver in its modern incarnation with a patent filed in 1835 in the UK and in the US a year later. And then produced them in massive quantities.

However, this was by no means the first revolver ever created. In it's most rudimentary form a revolver is merely a firearm with a revolving magazine holding multiple rounds. It does not need to mechanically cycle between the rounds or automatically line up the next loaded chamber with the barrel to be considered a revolver.

So here's the thumbnail, and a small one at that, history of revolver guns.

The earliest identified revolver I know of is a German Matchlock from somewhen in the last quarter of the 16th century, frequently claimed to be 1580.

Also the second picture here:

There is a flintlock revolver in the Tower of London Armory, very much worth the visit, from the mid 17th century which had manual rotation and and required the camber to be locked into position before firing. Though apparent it suffered an explosion as well.

There was also the Puckle gun of 1718:

Which was a hand cranked revolver that could fire both round (for Christians) and square (for Muslims) bullets. The gun had socketing chambers that would reduce the amount of gas leak round them but was never used in conflict so its actual utility is unknown.

In the years before Samuel Colt's patent revolver type guns were becoming common out of a desire to shoot more rounds from a single weapon. This resulted in Pepperbox pistols, though the concept had been around for centuries, which had multiple barrels each loaded with ball and powder that revolved around a common axis and moved into firing position mechanically.

And individuals like created the flint and percussion revolvers that inspired Colt to do better.

So Colt made what we think of as a revolver but the idea of the revolver predated them by centuries as inventors tried to find reliable methods of

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