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Advanced Warfare features a variety of different multiplayer weapons, ranging from simple assault rifles to powerful plasma-rifles, which can be customized with different attachments. The games Pick 13 system works like in Black Ops II by giving you the freedom of choosing the weapons, attachments and equipment that you want.

You can choose one primary and secondary weapon for you loadout - the primary can be fitted with two attachments and the secondary with one. You can unlock one extra attachment slot for both weapons by using the "Gunfighter" Wildcards. Each weapon in Black Ops 3 can be fitted with one optic and multiple attachments. Unlike in COD: AW, there is more focus on black ops 3 weapons list and attachments to be more customizable with the new BO3 Gunsmith and Weapon Paint Shop systems.

The equipment in Advanced Warfare have been replaced with the wrist-mounted "Exo Launcher" that can be loaded with lethal and tactical projectiles.

Remember that choosing an appropriate weapon class for the map and game mode is the most important variable when building your loadout. Use SMGs and shotguns in close quarters combat, heavy weapons and sniper rifles at long range, and custom ARs at close-medium to medium-long. When choosing a gun, look at the "totality" of it, not simply its damage or rate of fire - specs and numbers don't tell the whole story.

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