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Watching movies is as much apart of the way we live as baseball and hotdogs. Heroes are born, leaders are honored and Kings are loved or hated each and every year. The one factor that brings it all together are the swords and weapons they carry. The latest and greatest in our armory comes from the hit television series, Vikings. And still going strong and in much demand our 300 Swords. We also have one of the finest Lord of the Rings Sword and Hobbit Sword collections ever assembled.

We continue to update our replica movie swords with all the latest and greatest so you can feel like you are legendary hero yourself. Grab a movie blade from our list below and instantly get into the action. Fight vampires with the Blade Sword of the Daywalker or zombies with The Walking Dead Michonne Sword, conquer kingdoms with Alexander's sword or become a swash buckling pirate with Jack Sparrow's sword from Pirates of the Caribbean. No wall display would be complete without at least one movie sword from Kill Bill or Peters sword from the Chronicles of Narnia. No matter your taste, we have an awesome selection of movie swords and movie props for your budget.

Movie props are some of the coolest and most sought after collectibles on the planet. We all watch movies in cinemas and theaters across the world and in the comfort of our homes on our wide screens and home theaters. The one thing we all have in common is the need and want to own a piece of movie history. The ability to escape from reality even for just a moment and become our favorite movie characters is surreal and exciting but sometimes just not enough. Luckily we all can purchase an authentic movie collectible of our very own. Movie props from films like 300 and the Immortals Movie Swords are just a taste of what we offer. We hope you enjoy our selection of movie props for your obsession or maybe to complete your costume. As additional movie collectibles become available we will update our catalog.

Dark Horse Comics is an independent publisher of comic books to ever form. Founder, Mike Richardson decided to give DC and Marvel a run for their money in the mid 1980's and because of his hard work, Dark Horse Comics now produces some of the most popular and groundbreaking comics on the market. Today, Dark Horse Comics is the 3rd largest comic book publisher in the United States and recognized as a world leader of licensed comics material.

This section was created by Replica Dungeon because we know comic book readers, collectors and enthusiasts are always looking to purchase collectibles from their favorite heroes and villains.

Gifts and collectibles from Star Wars, Centurion Movie Swords, Aliens, Conan, The Incredibles, King Kong and the most recent, The Rayguns (Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators) are just a few of the items we will be adding to the dungeon. Since then, the creation of Dark Horse Entertainment (movie production company) will continue to product quality films which means more of our favorite movie collectibles and movie weapons for your enjoyment and home decor. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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