Spyderco Stretch 2-30

Spyderco Stretch 2

Cons: None

It's As Sharp as Sharp Gets

I just got this knife today and I love it. Mostly because of the the steel used, I'll always be a sucker for any knife made with one of the top 3-4 steels and I rate this ZDP-189 at the top right now. You can pay $2, 000.00+ on a Rockstead knife, the same size, with the same steel. So, when I saw I could get this knife at such a good price, I jumped to see if it was really that good. It's no Rockstead, but the steel just might be and that's enough to make me happy with this knife. For me, knives are only good if they are razor sharp and once they get a little less than that, you have nothing special in your pocket, this steel stays razor sharp better and longer than any other steel. The fact that it fits the hand really well is a plus, The brown is growing on me, and I do like this knife a lot. It's a little hard to open and close but I think that will change with use. I'm used to very high quality knives and this one belongs in my collection, not just because of the top steel, it feels great to use, once it's open. It's thin to carry, has a medium size to it, it could be perfect if it's your only knife.

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