Guardian Back-Up Knife

Gerber Throwing Knives

Back when I was working in a field where these tools were necessary, I carried one in each boot, and two one the rear of my belt - seriously, that's how much I loved these. Funny, you pull a pair of these in a CQB encounter, and people become much more compliant. They look professional, because they are professional.

ONE NOTE: these require constant sharpening if used (if you can't shave with it, keep trying), but they are of quality steel. Whatever you do: do not be the arse in the park, who throws these at trees! These are not throwing knives! If you throw this knife, you deserve to be mocked. These are purely CQB tools, not Hollywood knockoffs.

My best friend gave me one of these blades before his first deployment in Iraq with the USMC ten years ago. Every single feature of this blade has held up. The only maintenance it has received in 3652 days is sharpening. It has gone through cloth, plastic, rope and sinew. I highly favor it over larger, bulkier blades, and trust me, 3 and a half inches is all you need.

I had my eye on this knife for a while so I was very pleased when my cousin got it for me at Christmas 2 years ago. Since then I've been carrying it with me every day. It even helped me the other day from getting mugged in a parking lot. a guy in a hoodie walked up and started asking stupid question so I reached behind me for it and the action scared him off. Glad I didn't have to use it but very glad it was with me. Great knife!

Owned this knife since 91'. It has been a workhorse. Bought it at the PX and it has been a constant companion through the time in the service and on the streets as a deputy sheriff. Not once did it ever let me down. The edge has always been there for me after a little touch up with a stone every once in a great while. Grip is great and the tip has never broken even with all that this knife has been through over the years.

This is a great knife for all kinds of situations. For those that don't like the sheath, you need to adjust the tension on it. On either side of the sheath are little sliders that are difficult to move but adjust the force it takes to insert and remove blade. I wear mine daily at work, both tip up and tip down, and wouldn't leave home without it. Extremely sharp out of the packaging, and the point will pierce just about anything.

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