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Gerber Tool Pouch

Great multi-tool, I use mine almost daily working in a large building doing maintenance work, the screw driver hasn't stripped, and the flat head driver comes in handy for many things. A great feature is the multi-tool being spring loaded for easier use. its comfortable and has just the basics for "routine" work. As a vol. firefighter I can say I think it would be a handy tool to throw in your gear, where it is compact and has the basics for many things!

too bulky to carry in your pocket, which you'll have to do in 5 months when the pouch comes apart

Like the rest of the comments, the tool is good, the pouch is useless, I can no longer carry the tool on my belt. After 6 months the belt loop has frayed and worn through. I will go back to my old Leatherman.

Most of these reviews are fake.

It's nice to have a belt cutter but an emergency glass breaker is a must an would be super easy to incorporate

Tool is great. Lightweight, easy to use. No need to waste time with anything more than that. There are tons of reviews.

The pouch sucks. Won't fit thick duty belts. Made of super thin nylon. Mine already has a hole and the belt loop is frayed. Time to find another pouch.

I have used this tool at Political events. The task is to put handles in signs for participants to hold, fix stick signs, hang signs from trees, light posts, our vehicles etc. Then it's necessary to remove same quickly and cleanly. In a crowd and somewhat controlled chaos it's important to have the features provided which include a not too pointed blade. What makes it useful for police officers, makes it useful for me.

Love this tool but as mentiond before the pouch is a joke. I have been looking for a sturdier one. I would suggest putting the clip on this item like the smaller crucial model. I fist bought that version but this one with longer tools beats it - except the pouch my pouch tore this past week at a fire arms course. Again great tool bad pouch.

Great design and feel. Poorly designed carrying case. Why would Gerber design a tool for use on duty yet not design the case to fit on a duty belt?

I just got the Bullrush. The tool seems pretty decent on first inspection. However the pouch is another story. Although there aren't as many tools as my other multi-tools, I really like the fact that all tools lock in place although the locks are tough with my fat thumbs. Overall quality seems good and the ergonomics are very good. A lot of punch in a small size.

The four-star rating is for the tool. The pouch is another story.

The pouch is flimsy lightweight nylon. And alothough the tool is marketed to military and law enforcement, the pouch will not fit a 2.25" duty belt. I don't know how I'm going to carry it.

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