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Purchased yesterday as a mate for the C29P version owned for ~3 years now. Although this C29S has not yet arrived it will easily earn every bit of five stars. The S version features Spyderco's "SpyderEdge" edge grind on the "reverse S" shaped hollow ground blade. Both the blade shape and edge grind add significant effective length to the nominal 2 inch blade length. These features and the precision sharpening (wicked sharp) render a very capable cutting tool. The first Spyderco knife I purchased (the UK Penknife) was joy to behold and hold. I learned within the first two minuets of handling that it was very sharp - I cut my thumb pad due to lack of respect for the edge and my carelessness. That was the first and last cut sustained from any of the other Spyderco's I've acquired. Yes, THEY do not cut you - YOU cut yourself - they are merely the fully capable bystander to your own mishandling. That said, the cricket is a sublimely innocent little tool of potential terror for tasks ranging from opening the mail to opening the flesh. Build quality from Japan's oldest knife making region is on par with other premier regions (eg, Germany's Solingen or Italy's Maniago or England's Sheffield) in the world. Seki City makes some of the best knives out there...and this little folder I believe is among them. The VG-10 blade steel is fine example of hardness/edge holding, relative ease of sharpening, and corrosion resistance. [Note: VG-10 was originally designed by **** Specialty Steel Co. Ltd. from the same region; the "G" in VG stands for 'gold' (ranking of quality) and is one among other finer blade steels in the world.] Regarding practicality of the Cricket's design, I don't clip it to deep pocket top lips but would to a shirt or vest pocket because I do not want to loose the little fellow. This knife's size and clip placement make for a handy money clip. If one does a quick search for customized Crickets many unique examples may be seen. These plain SS "scale" versions provide a blank canvas for engraving. Other scale material types may be either adhered OR screwed to the plain surface (longer machine screws required). I 'd like to try a highly figured wood species or a scrimshaw carved scene (perhaps a nude?) on mine. Well, the Crickets are really a core treasure upon which other embellishments may be overlaid. Get one in base form for repetitive daily use, one customized by another, or try your own creative hand at customizing. I saw a photograph of a Cricket with nice file work on the blade spine and scale edge. Whatever your goal, these high quality cutters are up to most any cutting (or charming) task. Get one.

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