Coast Fishing Multi-Tool Box

Gerber fishing Tool

Excellent tool Great, high quality, excellent tool, love it. would recommend

Handy but not strong The Suspension is a handy multi-tool and a good value for the money but the construction is lacking. The screws that hold the blades in are constantly coming loose and its impossible to find a bit that fits them inorder to tighten them. Additionally, the pliers aren't very strong. I've broken them twice now while cutting with them but that was partly my fault as they weren't really designed to cut heavy gauge wire. When returned to Gerber, the tool was replaced immediately without any questions - nice to find a company that stands behind their products!

Impressive little tool that does it all I love this tool. It's pretty compact and doesn't weigh you down at all. I use it fishing and it's a great set of pliers. I carry it hunting, hiking, etc. Quality as always with Gerber. This multi-tool is great. I have had it over a year and it still works as if it was just bought. I am pretty careless with it and often take it offshore with me. Only main maintenance ive done to it was lube it and rinse it off with fresh water.

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