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Remembering Denny Brugman

1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Allen & Dahl Funeral Chapel

2655 Eureka Way

Redding, CA

followed by

Celebration of Life

4:00 p.m.

Tiger Field

1000 W Cypress Avenue

Following the public viewing, please join Denny’s family in celebrating his life and his legacy at his second home, Tiger Field. Donations in lieu of flowers will be accepted at the Celebration of Life.

As Denny would say, “See you at the yard!”

Remembering Denny Brugman


It is with a heavy and broken heart that we make this announcement to the Redding Colt 45s community. Denny Brugman, founder of the Redding Colt 45s, has passed away. This past week and a half has been a tumultuous time of emotions. Denny suffered a severe brain bleed that required two different surgical procedures to relieve the pressure on his brain. He was then placed in a medically induced coma to let his body and brain rest. Albeit it was not enough, as Denny’s body lost in extra innings and he passed on Sunday evening.

We cannot imagine what it is going to be like to be at Tiger Field for a Colt 45s game and to not hear Denny’s booming voice over the speakers. He so loved the game of baseball, but more importantly he loved all of those involved with the game. He considered every one of the Colt 45s as one of his own and has impacted countless lives. The fans were his fans and all of the little ones running around the ballpark brought joy to him. If you knew Denny, then you knew that he was a little kid at heart. When he was at Tiger Field, he was always meeting and visiting with the people of the community while enjoying the game of baseball.

Denny was my friend and if I ever needed anything, all I had to do was ask. Sometimes, as the great teammate that he was, he would anticipate the question or need before I even asked. Not only did I experience this, but also so did each and every player, coach, staff and volunteer with the Colt 45s. Denny was bigger than life with his voice, his stature and mostly his heart. I will miss his laugh and his gusto for life. Denny was loved by all of us with the Colt 45s and our thoughts are with everyone ever impacted by his presence.

Plans are being made to have a celebration of life for Denny at Tiger Field. Once the date and time have been settled it will be announced. Please keep referring to this page for further details.

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