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Nebraska burglars stole a half-ton gun safe filled with irreplaceable collectibles last weekend in Sarpy County.

Danny and Nancy Karloff were out of town when the crooks ransacked their home. After what had to be several hours, the crooks made off with the gun safe, three flat screen TVs, 10 silver dollars, and the family jewelry, WOWT reports.

The burglars used the Karloff’s garage to conceal their vehicle, placed blankets over the windows so passersby couldn’t tell the lights were on, and it appears they used a glass cutter to gain access to the room where the safe was located.

While some of the guns that were stolen can be replaced, many, like a John Wayne rifle and revolver, are one of a kind.

“Some of these I can replace but a lot of them I can’t and that’s what hurts the most – that you can’t replace them, ” Danny said.

Detective Kathe Erhart hopes the items’ rarity will eventually help lead to their recovery.

“We are hoping because of the uniqueness of the items taken, the guns and the coins, that somebody will recognize those, ” Erhart said.

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