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This place takes a lot of flack and granted it is not the cheapest place in town. That being said I've recently started buying my guns there and have actually met the owner (Charles) and a few of the guys and all of them are knowledgeable and friendly in general. Its a perfect example of shopping at Walmart or a mom and pop shop. If you want somebody who knows whats going on with your gun and will be there the next time you go in then give them a shot. Lol. Furthermore, if you're considering taking the CHL course I took it through them today and it was amazing! Daniel Sickles, the instructor is awesome! Again, it isn't the cheapest, but when it comes to guns who wants the cheapest? This place isn't for the typical cheap ass. It isn't like its double the cost its usually within a few dollars and the price match if you're that tight. They won me over when the owner actually came out and talked to me one on one and showed me some guns that I was contemplating and showed me how much he personally knew about the vast array of guns they have and that are being made today. If you want a cheap gun then keep shopping at Walmart. If you actually care about service and about quality of gun then check them out.

Went here the other day to get some reloading supplies. The staff were friendly and extremely knowledgable. I was able to get the powder and primers I needed and they were at the price I exactly expected to pay. I will definitely be back when I need more powder, projectiles, primers, and so forth. FYI: They had an enormous supply of arms available as well as ammo, reloading materials, accessories, and such. Great all in one store.

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