Spyderco kumo FB11

Spyderco 4 inch blade

Pros: Blade Sharpness, Lock Type, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality, Handle Material, Lock Ease of Use, Weight, Sheath, Handle Feel, Blade Material

Cons: None

This "Civilian" should be called "Epitome."

I received this Spyderco "Civilian" just two days ago. I have looked over the entire package. The blade is extraordinarily sharp, "RAZOR" sharp right out of the box. There would be no problem cutting through a seat belt AT ALL. The shape of the blade is absolutely perfect for self defense. I have dummy models that I practice with. The name of this knife should be "Epitome, " because it encapsulates every area of either stopping, or terminating your target. It opens flawlessly, and because I am a practicing martial artist, I state unequivocally, it manipulates within my hand as a perfectly balanced knife should. I own custom knives from $1500-3800 each. This knife drops right in my hand. The lock shows no flaw whatsoever. I would feel completely safe in the field with the Civilian. The scales make for a perfect hold, even under sweaty work out conditions; I never lost even an ounce of control. The VG-10 blade was the perfect balance of sharpness, strength, durability, and ability to hold an edge. The sheath holds the knife perfectly in place, and releases with minimal effort. The pocket clip is fine for my "Levis 505s, " however, I would have preferred the "paperclip" style. The body has only one liner, which raises a question as to it's stabilization. However, this is a slashing knife, and not meant for stabbing. Honestly in my opinion, for the money, this is the single finest LEGAL self defense on the market. I paid just shy of $174 from Knife Center. Properly maintained, it will be a lifelong friend. This is "The Epitome" of a self defense edged instrument.

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