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The Discovery Center for Entrepreneurship Inc. is a private career training organization. We are Canada’s firstEntrepreneurial Leadership Academy run exclusively by entrepreneurs.

Different Minds

What is revolutionary is that our organization is powered by real world entrepreneurs, serving other entrepreneurs. We are are loosely connected, yet tightly aligned by our values and operating principles.

In contrast to traditional expert/student or superior/subordinate structures of teaching and learning, we operate as adynamic network of equals. Our Facilitators are entrepreneurs who speak your language – action!

Each of our facilitators has experienced the emotional roller coaster and creative tension that results when possibility is calling you, and yet, you are afraid to let go of what has become safe, familiar and routine. We will help you cross the chasm of uncertainty and ensure you come out the other end with clarity, confidence and operational traction.

What We Do

We blend leadership science, experiential learning technologies, and lean systems engineering to create transformational learning environments for people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. Our focus is entrepreneurial leadership development and corporate workforce innovation.

Our programs breath new life in people and organizations. Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit adds power, velocity and operational traction to whatever truly matters to you.

Our Singular Focus

Our focus is people. We believe that every business is a school. Discovery Center for Entrepreneurship is in the business of entrepreneurial development and grass roots community growth. We are privately funded and co-managed by self-organizing networks of entrepreneurial leaders. This means zero bureaucracy and no red tape!

Location, Location, Location

People can participate in our programs remotely, through on-line learning portals or become a physical host to the Dreaming Room™ by establishing a satellite campus of the Discovery Center for Entrepreneurship in their community, anywhere in Canada.

Entrepreneurial action can begin anywhere like minds gather. Any space with the capacity to hold twelve participants is sufficient to get started. A satellite campus of the Discovery Center for Entrepreneurship can be established in a boardroom, community hall, business incubator, academic faculty department, arts and cultural centre or recreation centre. Whatever resources you think you are missing (money, time, working capital, a good idea, marketing budget, etc) will evolve over time, naturally, as a result of the entrepreneurial activities that you engage in.

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