Pre WW2 Japanese sword?

WW2 Japanese Sword

The edge weapon, long-time companion of the Japanese warrior, is one of the most iconic items in Japanese combat history from the days of the samurai to WW2. Today, fans of military continue to seek out and collect WW2 Japanese swords in particular. This unique time in the history of the Japanese warrior is a transition time from the ancient Samurai to the modern soldier. As such, WW2 Japanese swords may be a traditional katana or a sword not unlike those carried in Europe or the States. WW2 Japanese officers swords have designs closer to western swords but can feature ornate carving motifs from the Japanese tradition on the handle, blade, and scabbard. One of the most unique features for many on WW2 Japanese swords is the presence of ray skin on a sword's handle. This skin, similar in texture to shark skin, figures prominently in the design of many edge weapon's from this era. If you have an interest in finding one of these rare collectibles from WW2, take a look at the range of options available in the vast inventory on eBay and get your own piece of war history.

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