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A great tool for dealing with a variety of problems one way encounter. Helps Me Get Through The Workday, Although It's Not Very Effective For Breaching Doors From What I've Seen. I Recommend To Anyone Looking To Get In, Do Some Damage, And Get Out.

Looking forward to adding this to my mobile kit for disaster response. This will help picking through the rubble!

$400 for a 12 lb sledge that broke when using the pry bar feature. Glad the tax payers paid for it and not me. We will not order any more for our breaching kits.

Two forged ends with fiberglass in the middle? Sorry, this isn't going to last. As a firefighter who has experience breaching doors and such, if its not all one piece (Google: Pro Bar) it will break at some point when it reaches its limit (Google: Halligan).

You want a good breaching tool? Google The Pig.

great name for a great tool!

Great for knocking things out of your way, especially when you're low on explosives. A great W̶e̶a̶p̶o̶n̶ tool for all your destructive needs.

This is easily the best melee tool in my arsenal for a wide range of uses. A+, would buy again!

Looks like a great, compact tool. What's the price?

Great toy for any occasion

Chains loves this, It knocks down anything. Really gets the Job Done.

I like it... A good combo tool dor generic door entry & breeching techniunice!

You wouldn't believe what all you can knock down with this thing. Served me through some tough times, it's even good in situations with a lot of heat.

Oh yeah, this baby's pretty great. I even recommended it to all of my business partners.

I am getting one of these. Because reasons.

i wish that i could reserve one for when the come in.

If there was a way to put a ax head on one side with the sledge on the other side I think you wood have the perfect tool.

This tool looks like the perfect tool to keep in patrol officer's vehicles. This tool would help greatly in an active shooter situations

Been placed into the budget for next year Already. Great idea.

I don't even have this piece of equipment, but I don't have to. Just look at this colossal beast. One might say "oh it's too heavy". You know what I say? I say shut the hell up and own it like a man. If you can't handle 12 pounds of pure unadulterated man, then you should just bury yourself 6 feet underground. I wish I could get my hands on one of these things. So many doors would be broken down in the span of an hour after receiving it. You'd be sitting on your couch at home, watching American Idol and BOOM your door would be busted in like a half pound of C4 was placed on it. You wouldn't even have time to react to the destruction brought upon your door. I'm huffing and puffing just writing this review and I just learned about it 2 minutes before I wrote it. I absolutely will buy this once I become a Marine. Of course I wont bring this out in the field. I just want the credentials to buy it. Holy mother of hell, this would bring destruction even to Mjölnir, Thor's hammer.

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