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World War 2 Japanese sword value

We have thousands of quality military antiques and collectibles for sale. We have original WWII Samurai swords as well as samurai swords from earlier periods available for sale. CLICK HERE to check out our inventory.
Interested in Samurai swords...Here are a few of the things you should know when looking at them:
  1. Never touch a blade with your bare hands. Our hands contain oils which will rub off onto the blade in the form of finger prints, which will then form rust. Use a soft cloth to hold the blade.
  2. Check to make sure the blade is straight by picking it up to eye level and looking at it from the handle to the tip of the blade. Hand made blades don't normally break but rather bend. This is due to the multiple layers of metal created during the manufacturing process.
  3. Swords have appreciated considerably over the last fifteen years and it is getting increasingly harder to obtain them. Especially at a reasonable price.
  4. The quality of the blade and general condition of the sword are the most important factors in determining its value. Always go for quality rather than quantity.
Sword collecting is a fun activity and an investment. Swords also make a good addition to the decor of a home. We hope you find the information contained on this page useful. If you are looking for swords as an investment and are torn between buying a newer (WWII era) or older (1800's on down) the best thing to do is to figure out which attracts you the most and stick to that.
While currently the WWII era appears to be in more demand, not that long ago it was the older blades that were going up in value.

This section is dedicated to provide an in depth view at various topics that directly relate to the history of the Japanese military forces.

This section provides information about the different periods of the sword. A brief description of the history of Japan is also discussed.
The sword makers are a crucial component of the history of the Samurai. This section provides information about the various schools that trained swordsmiths.
This section of the web site provides a break down of the sword and the names given to each component.
The Samurai armor is a very unique piece of equipment used by the warrior. This page provides the visitor with a break down of the anatomy of the armor along with a brief history of its use.
The Samurai armor is a very interesting piece of history. Its intricate construction required very skillful craftsmen to build. The armor featured here is a well made copy of the Samurai armor.
The helmets worn by the Samurai were a very distinct component. Similar to an indivisual's signature. This page discusses its history and anatomy.
The Samurai sword was often signed by the master who made it or the factory it produced it. This section provides an understanding of how to interpret the signatures.
A comprehensive study of the different military markings stamped on the Japanese blades. From the Samurai swords to the bayonets.

The Samurai swords are often signed on the tang of the blade. This section of the website explains the basics of how to read the signatures.


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