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When I first saw this knife I liked it, when I saw they were finally using decent knife steel instead of 420 hc I considered buying it but wasn't sold. When I found out that it came with a "premium leather sheath" that's when I decided I had to have it. I wanted a good knife and sheath that would last a lifetime so I had my wife purchase it for me for xmas. I was so excited to finally hold it in my hand until I finally did. When you take this knife out of the cheap cardboard box the first thing you touch is the sheath which to my disappointment was not even leather, I don't know what it's made from but all it is is paper thin layers glued together and after 1 week of use the sheath literally started falling apart. For a knife that cost 150+ dollars I was extremely unhappy so I called gerber and they sent me the exact same sheath except this one was actually made out of genuine leather. I don't know what bothers me more the fact that my knife was sent to me with such a cheap excuse for a sheath or the fact that they did it on purpose to save money hoping that I wouldn't notice or wouldn't think to call and complain. DON'T LIE ON YOUR WEBSITE. If something says "premium leather" then that's what you should get. This will most likely be my last purchase from gerber because I can't trust their quality or their word.

i love gerber i first bought a folding gator grip part serrated best knife i ever had i still get gerber to this day i like that new Gator Premium Fixed Blade but its pretty expensive

I looked at several knives and own several knives as well. I have never had a knife arrive so sharp that I did not have to touch it. The quality is amazing and it looks just as good and best of all its made in the USA.
I may purchase another one so that I have an extra.
Best hunting knife I own.

Broke my Gator today during this Jade Helm mess.All this work for a volcano that "might" pop soon. Totally FUBAR.

Was a nice gift, expected more.My "expert" spotter said it was a bad HT? W/E that means.
In the garbage now.

Semper FI

Purchased mine a few weeks ago without much feedback in the knife community. I am however not disappointed. The fit and finish is quality and the knife is very comfortable in the hand and control is excellent. The knife is made with quality materials and I'm very happy with the S30V blade. My knife came sharp, but not as sharp as it could be, which is my only knock on this blade. I will get it razor sharp with a little work in my garage. Buy it, you will be happy you did.

I'm looking forward to when this beauty comes back in stock. The original Gerber Gator was the first knife I bought myself after leaving the military over 17 years ago. The knife has literally been all over the world with me. twice. Couldn't decide between the Prodigy and LMF II when I was in Afghanistan, so I got both. Just got Strongarm as a gift. Also, just bought the Ghostrike Deluxe. I loves me my Gerber. Thanks for keeping the quality over the years.

I am just hoping these will be like the Gerber knives of yesteryear - You all know, back in the day when you ran your knives over to the factory and they sharpened them for you for free - Then Gerber was the ONLY knife I would carry OR use, and proudly - My fingers are crossed HARD

While I just purchased this knife I am blown away with both the quality of this knife and it sharpness and am looking forward to using this upcoming deer season.
Been looking for a quality, made in USA fixed blade hunting knife for awhile and the Gator premium exceeded all expectations!!!
Sharpest out of box knife I have ever owned ( and I have a ton of them), great steel, made in the USA, and with a reasonable price for this kind of quality this knife is a winner.
Great job Gerber keep up the good work!
Looking for a smaller version in S30V steel for my belt for small game season..

Great looking design. The kind of knife a serious knife person would want to own. Except it's too much like a top end Mora. If you did this in a flat grind I'd buy two or three right away.

It is nice to see Gerber get back into producing a decent knife. Please consider a full flat ground blade with a convex edge on this knife. If so, your market would open up considerably. S30V steel is a positive step into grabbing the attention of outdoorsmen. Also consider a bright orange handle color. Also consider making a lighter or smaller version for backpackers. Looks like a solid contender for an all around hunting knife.

This is beautiful I'm glad to see you put more Gator out. I've loved my original for a decade.

I am 62 and have owned a gator for years it is the ultimate knife. This remake of a classic looks great and from what I can tell has same size and hand fit of original. Should be a hit but maybe need a cheaper version using original blade material

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