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Knife is very handy and useful for day to day activities as a firefighter. I have used this tool to open locked doors, break windows, cut seat belts, cut ropes of different sizes, and many many more things.

Great knife for vehicle extrication's. Unfortunately after a routine victim removal drill the blade safety release mechanism broke off in the pocket of my bunker gear. If a more durable model were made I would be interested in purchasing it.

The best knife for any first responder it is so sharp. The seat belt cutter and glass break work really well. The only problem I have found is the pocket clip keeps gettting snagged and falling off. Other than that it is worth the money.

Great looking knife!! I would like to have one but don't have the money!! Gerber should really really make more rescue knifes! You are one of my reliable and trusted brands for knifes and gear!!

Knife is great! Use it for everything. The blunt tip makes it so easy to use when cutting clothes so you don't have to worry about hurting the patient. The o2 wrench is handy could use some kind of reinforcement around the plastic for cosmetic purposes but the frame is what really does the job and hasn't failed once. The tool kit is clean simple and extremely handy, I've used it on and off the job. The screwdriver set actually helped a crew get into a home through a window to access an unconscious patient, and the screw driver handle has doubled as lock popping tool on many doors to get to a grandma who used their life alert. All around this knife and tool kit has more than payed for itself. It has helped people I distress just by being in the hands of am EMT.

looks good really want one costs so much

The best knife I ever had and used on and off the job. It did everything I needed it to. The tools also came in handy multiple times it was amazing. The only dis like I had was the case and belt loop button. I was working a MVC and it came off my belt it was lost. I would love to try and get another one it's worth every dollar.

Pretty good knife, I have no complaints so far. Overall I would recommend this knife to any first responder.

Great tool to have. The seat belt cutter works well in removing patients clothes in a hurry when I need to start IVs and the tool kit is great when I have to make minor repairs on my truck without having to bring it back to our shops. O2 wrench gets beat up a little bit but that's wear and tear you'll get that on regular o2 keys too.

I've been on my towns volunteer fire department for 7 months. I'm only 16, and I've been on 30+ calls. Every time we arrive to a vehicular accident my rig is one fo the first to show up. this knife is always clipped in with me. The seatbelt cutter is tremendous. I've used it plenty of times, as well as the window basher. only problem is mines become rounded on the top and its pretty much useless now. the O2 take opener is a lifesaver for us as well. thanks for a great product!

This is a great knife and both the blade and seat belt cutter work great at cutting clothes which is my main use for it.

I will agree that the plastic gets chewed up after multiple tank openings and could do with improvement like a reinforced collar to prevent that but I also carry an oxygen wrench on my keys which I like better and use more

I like the tool set but unfortunately I lost the adaptive piece between the handle and the screwdriver bits. I contacted customer service and they sent me a replacement piece though which is great customer service

Great knife. Could do without the seatbelt cutter. You'll never use it. Blade does a great job, and maybe offer one without the tools. Never used them in an actual on-duty situation.
I'm just sorry I lost mine. Came out of my pocket on an MVC, and must have fell out of my bunker pants. Im certain the tow truck driver is loving it. haha

All of the patrol Deputies got this knife. I have had to use it many times and love the knife. I agree with EMR on the O2 opener. It gets chipped and chewed up after having to use it to open the tanks.

As a volunteer firefighter I was given this as a gift and I love it, although I have never used it on a call I do use it every day in the warehouse I work at, the rounded saftey tip allows me to cut into certain products without accidentally ruining the item and the seat belt cutter is perfect for cutting the plastic off of pallets without having to worry about cutting the products.

Just got one for my b-day...used it already and it is a fantastic knife!

Love the knife, works great but big dissapointment with the window punch used it on one vehicle and has completely rounded and wont function.

Not really usable while wearing firefighter gloves but rescue gloves give better dexerity. Knife can torque the handle a little to easy making it difficult to close single handed. Strongly suggest that the entire knife not be redesigned but simply beefed up throughout.

The Selt belt cutter that folds out is not really that great but the blade makes short work of any man-made webbing. The blunt tip it perfect, it's not too big or too small, and best of all the O2 wrench is always by your side. I love this knife. I wish it wasn't so pricey, I got mine from a vender at a training weekend much cheaper.

Love this knife. Only complaint is the 02 crank needs to be reinforced with a thin piece of metal as the plastic around its edge has become severely chewed up after ten or so tank openings. I really want to see this product improved and kept on the market.


Love this! I own a drawer full of knives and yet this is the one I Always gone on duty with. Thanks to the blunt end, it goes in between a person and their clothes safely. It cuts Anything, pants boots belts

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