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Gerber is an iconic American company whose brand and products have global reach and relevance. For more than 70 years Gerber has provided its customers with quality, reliable and innovative products that our end-users have come to expect.

All Gerber products are designed and engineered in Portland, Oregon where many are also manufactured. However, unauthorized individuals and companies are creating and distributing counterfeit Gerber products. Counterfeit products do not meet Gerber's exacting quality and safety standards, and do not have Gerber's Full Lifetime Warranty.

Counterfeit products are visually deceptive and may fool unsuspecting consumers. This is a serious issue that impacts Gerber's customers and brand. Once identified, Gerber takes aggressive actions to shut illegal activities down and stop unsafe fake Gerber products from entering the market.

Counterfeit products are often listed on e-commerce websites including Alibaba, eBay and Amazon, and sold to unsuspecting buyers as "genuine" or "100% authentic" items at prices close to retail.

To ensure you are receiving a quality, authentic Gerber product and Gerber's Full Lifetime Warranty, always buy from an authorized Gerber retailer or directly from Gerber.

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Counterfeit products do not meet Gerber's exacting quality and safety standards. Counterfeit products do not have Gerber's Full Lifetime Warranty.

Recommended Action:

Listing ImagePurchase quality Gerber products from legitimate authorized retailers. There are many counterfeit products being sold on e-commerce websites including Amazon, eBay and China's Alibaba/AliExpress.

When in doubt, check the Gerber website, or compare a suspected product to an authentic Gerber knife at an authorized retailer.

If you purchased a counterfeit from an e-commerce website (including eBay, AliExpress or Amazon) always keep the counterfeit product as proof for your dispute, the manufacturer or authorities. If returned, the seller will claim it is not counterfeit, or re-sell it to another unsuspecting consumer. Contact your credit-card company and dispute the charges - you have the counterfeit product as proof. Leave negative "Counterfeit" feedback for the seller.

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14200 SW 72nd Avenue


Portland, OR 97224


United States


(800) 950-6161

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knives

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Which knife do you have?

The authentic current version has wider orange plastic trim between the handle and pommel than the original version.

The Gerber branding is above the primary bevel on the current version, but below it on the original version.

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Be careful when authenticating your knife using the sheath. The sheaths on the current and previous versions are different.

The Bear logo is in a different position on the two authentic sheaths and easily confused with the counterfeit. (image: Gerber)

Gerber's legendary knives feature quality, reliability and attention to detail that Gerber's customers expect.

Look closely and you will find metal blade guards protecting both sides of the authentic Gerber sheath - a detail missing on counterfeits.

The authentic current Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is available in both a fine edge and serrated edge model (shown with model numbers).

Note the wider orange plastic trim separating the handle from the pommel, and the proprietary Gerber font.

Authentic Bear Grylls Ultimate Knives are packaged in a graphic backed plastic blister pack.

The authentic current Ultimate Fine Edge Knife packaging is on the left, the Ultimate Serrated Edge Knife is on the right.


This counterfeit Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife and packaging is common on e-commerce websites including Alibaba, eBay and Amazon.

To ensure you get an authentic Gerber product and Gerber's Full Lifetime Warranty, buy from authorized Gerber retailers.

The trademarked "Gerber" branding on authentic Gerber Bear Grylls Knives is a stylized proprietary font.

The counterfeit knife does not have the correct Gerber font.

This is an authentic original version Bear Grylls Ultimate knife with accessories.

This authentic knife differs slightly from the current version Ultimate Knife. Be careful when comparing different versions of the knife.

While they may look the same, there are visual differences.

The authentic early version knife shown has the branding in the primary bevel. This counterfeit has the branding above it. This counterfeit is also lacking a bevel around the lanyard hole.

Compare the sheaths on the authentic early version and the counterfeit sheath shown here

The nylon sheath fabric is very different. The font used for "GERBER" is much larger and a different style. The securing strap has thread tails.

This "New" counterfeit Grylls Ultimate Knife was received from a China internet seller, just as shown here, wrapped in aluminum foil.

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