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I being using my second Ridge for more that a year know (I lost my first one in a friend's wedding), for me is the best EDC knife ever. I have the serrated version but if Gerber made the fine edge I will buy it.

I have the version with the straight (not serrated) edge and it's the most useful knife I've ever owned. I've had it for over five years and still use it almost daily. BUT... I don't care at all for the serrated edge version because you can't sharpen it.

This is, hands-down, my FAVORITE small knife I've ever owned. What I most enjoy about the Ridge's design is the fact that you can secure it clip out on your right pocket. and with a single smooth movement, you can wipe your fingers up to palm it, and a swipe of your thumb opens it. Before your pal can say 'Oh, let me grab my pocket knife, ' you've already deftly severed the baker's string keeping you from those paczki. And, mind you, the lock mechanism is bullet-proof. I know you won't be leaning into a 2" blade, but you don't have to be wary of it the day you do dig into something. To be honest, despite it's size, it de-escalated a possibly bad encounter I had, because it is out and unfolded with scarcely a noticeable movement of hands from an at-rest position when clipped into your jean pockets; as opposed to reaching around your back or deep into a pocket, a very telegraphed motion. It seems expensive for a small knife, but is worth every penny, and you'll realize that by the end of the first day you own it.

I love this knife. For the past 6 or 7 years i've had one on my keychain and use it almost daily. I've bought several for myself and even more to give as christmas gifts over the years. The serrated one is good but the fine edge was better. I'd love if they brought it back!

I bought a mini ridge fine edge brand new from Lowe's when I was 19, it stayed clipped in my RSO bag for 6 years. It's now my edc knife. It takes an edge like a straight razor.
Considering buying the serrated one. Absolutely can't leave home without it.

I use it as a money clip - holds a mix of 3-4 cards and a few bills folded once or twice. Eight years of daily use.

I would rather have the fine edge but I will suffer until they bring it back.

I hope Gerber is paying Ed Halligan royalties since this is a copy of his original design. the KISS.

would love to see this blade on an inclosed full size liner like handle

want see the full fine edge come back

This the the best knife I have found if your one of those people (like me) who can not stand things in their front pockets.

Best pocket knife I have ever had. Super easy to carry as well as practical. I use it nearly every day, and Like sunglasses, I can't

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