Needle nose plier

Black Gerber Multi Tool

Had this Diesel of mine way back 2009 and it still works well. I went as far as Africa with this amongst my EDC, it had endured rain and even sea water on all my field work. To this day, the compact scissors can still cut through plastic bottles, the semi serrated blade has kept it's edge and the screw drivers proved to be very efficient. When this Diesel retires, I'm still getting another one - this time I wanna try the BLACK finish.

Given to me as a gift by my brother, who is a SSG . Best tool I have, I've helped my battles a lot with it.

I'm pretty rough on tools. So rough that I recently broke the tip off the knife, but it's a good blade so I'm living with it. Love the quality of the tools (save for the scissors) and one-handed opening. Working at heights I also appreciate the safety cord loop. Good tool that's *almost* theatre-proof. I'd recommend it.

This was one of my favorite pieces of EDC gear when I work on the ranch. The tools locking out makes me feel secure when I am using them in tough situations, and the finish stays intact for the most part, even under hard use.

I say that it "was" one of my favorites, because the sheath tore off of my belt while I was tractoring, and now I cannot find a replacement. There is not even a "contact us" or customer support link on this site, so my Gerber Diesel is just an ornament on my nightstand now.

Got this tool in the mail off of amazon about a month ago. Love it! I haven't had much time to test the pliers, but all of the other tools on it are great and perform well. I would definitely recommend this tool. Way to go Gerber!

Bought mine when I got to my first duty station. Had a little play in the pliers, but after 5 years of use it was still going strong enough that someone else decided they needed it more than I did.

But worth it!!
I'm not actually in the hood!
I'm white.

Diesel multi-plier is the best tool ever in my a arsenal of tools. The students think it's a part of me. I have it everyday and I use it.

Very useful, but would be better if it had a belt clip built on instead on the sheath. The pliers are a lot more wobbly than other tools I have had. When I first got this one the black finish started coming off easily and made my hands look like I was handling charcoal. I had to wipe it down a few times with a damp clothe for it to stop. The finish stayed on and looks perfect.

This tool is so useful and handy to have. It has been a great investment and partner - a perfect match in the tool world..
This is not the first Gerber mutil-tool I have had however its been the most loyal one as it has stayed with me for several years; the others have "walked" away. Maybe there's a reason that been so reliable they are a temptation.
Do not regret buying it.

This is a decent multi-tool. It gets the job done but it would be much better if it were spring loaded. Also the pliers are a little "wobbly".

So many uses for this tool. Not always the uses Gerber intended, but it gets the job done. I carry 50% less tools with me because of the Diesel. Rock solid, and indispensable.

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