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"Spyderco’s award-winning Autonomy literally revolutionized automatic knife design. Developed to meet the demanding mission needs of U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmers, it features a number of unique engineering advancements, including an oversized firing button, integral button spring, and a patented kick spring module that allows easy spring replacement without disassembling the knife. All these features complement the knife’s highly evolved design and rustproof construction to make it impervious to the elements.

The original Autonomy, designed specifically for carry in a dedicated pouch on a rescue swimmer’s vest, featured high-visibility orange G-10 scales, but no button safety or clip. To adapt the knife to the needs of the rest of the tactical community, Spyderco modified its design to include a button safety, reversible wire clip, black G-10 scales, and a non-reflective black coating on all metal parts.

Based on popular demand, we are proud to introduce a third version of the Autonomy that walks the line between the first two. Like the original version, it boasts a satin-finished H-1® blade and bright orange handles; however, it also includes a firing button safety and a reversible wire clip to make it suitable for pocket carry. For service personnel who don’t require a tactical black finish on their knives, the new version of the Autonomy is truly the best of both worlds. Automatic knives are a government regulated item so please check all local and federal laws before purchasing from a dealer in your area."

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