Dark Souls Greatsword of

Greatsword of Artorias replica

"I've built aluminum prop swords for a living. These are not aluminum props, this is a properly forged, deadly weapon."

— Tony Swatton

Man at Arms is a show on YouTube's , where professional blacksmith teams use their skills to create real, functional versions of various fictional weapons. Initially master blacksmith Tony Swatton and his assistants would defictionalize a weapon based on fan demand. Later, a new season dubbed Reforged would focus on the Stagmer brothers as they combine weapons from different works into hybrid designs. After fan backlash, however, the Reforged team returned to adapting existing fictional designs as Tony's team did.

Original series pieces

Reforged series pieces

  • A Batman-themed Wolverine claw gauntlet
  • A "Super Weapon" polearm
  • A lightsaber-themed katana
  • -themed bladed throwing disks
  • Rainbow Dash's chamfron from
  • An -themed sword
  • Squall's gunblade from
  • An assortment of zombie-killing weapons inspired by
  • Dragonborn's Iron Helmet from
  • Arno Dorian's Phantom Blade from
  • Link's Fierce Deity Sword from
  • Sauron's mace from
  • Rebellion from the series
  • Tessaiga from
  • Ryuko's scissor blade from
  • Blades for a set of -themed kitchen knives in a crossover with the AWE Me Channel's other show, Super Fan Builds.
  • Auron's katana from
  • Katarina's daggers from
  • Guts's Golden Age longsword from
  • The Hylian Shield from the series with accompanying Classic design Master Sword
  • Arya Stark's Needle, again from
  • Loki's Scepter from
  • Tomahawks from and
  • Predator wrist blades as they appeared in
  • Narsil/Andúril from
  • Dracule Mihawk's Yoru from
  • Soul Reaver Sword from
  • Hattori Hanzo's katana from
  • The karambit and butterfly knife from
  • The Daedric battleaxe from
  • Silver and steel swords from
  • The Oathkeeper Keyblade from
  • Saber's Excalibur from
  • Diana's Crescent Moon blade from
  • Jacob Frye's cane sword from
  • Gravity Hammer from the series
  • Katniss' bow from
  • Drax the Destroyer's daggers from
  • The Orcrist sword from
  • Kitana's war fans from
  • Pyramid Head's great knife from
  • Erza Scarlet's sword and armor from
  • The Saw Cleaver from
  • Master Yi's Wuju Sword from
  • Asuna's rapier, the Lambent Light, from
  • Xena's chakrams from
  • The Greatsword of Artorias from
  • The Green Destiny sword from
  • Fury's Song from
  • The Vorpal Blade from
  • The Blazing Sword from
  • The Power Axe from
  • A traditional Chinese dandao saber, the first entirely non-fictional weapon in the series
  • Future Trunks' sword from
  • A series of weapons from the series
  • Kennosuke Tokisada Ōma's sword from
  • Poppy's Hammer of Orlon from
  • The Ulfberht viking sword, the second entirely non-fictional weapon in the series
  • A Blood Angels Chainsword from
  • Zara Ghufran's Jambiya knife from (featuring Danny Trejo)
  • The sword of Godric Gryffindor from
  • A Trench Club from (also featuring Trejo)
  • Genji's Sword (and Shuriken) from
  • Excalibur of (their design became part of the mobile game )
  • Altair's Sword from
  • The Furyan Ulaks from

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