Case Russlock Knives

Pruner Blade or Hawkbill Blade - This is designed for a "pull cut" and is used for pruning.
Punch Blade - This is used for drilling or poking holes in leather. It is also used on wood for screws.
Razor Blade - The primary designing idea for this blade was instituted for war veterans and used in one-armed opening patterns. The specially designed blade tip is uniquey tapered to hook onto the belt or other surface to open easily and requires only one hand to do so.
RussLock Clip Blade - This is used as a utility blade and features a tapered tang like that of a straight edged razor. This is currently used only in the specially designed RussLock knives named after the founder of Case Cutlery, John "Russell" Case.
Saber Clip or Spear Blade - It is beveled for part of its width, making it stronger than regular clip or spear blades. It is sometimes referred to as Stabber Jacks.
Saw Blade - The saw-like edge is used for sawing bone and gristle in meat. The design allows it to be used for a variety of outdoor uses including cutting through small twigs. It also offers a screwdriver tip.
Screw Driver/Cap Lifter Blade - This is designed specifically for use as a screw driver and cap lifter.
Sheepfoot or Coping Sheepfoot - This design allows for more strength at the point of the blade making it a good tool for carving chews out of tobacco plugs. It is also used as a carpenter's blade.
Skinner Blade - This is used for skinning purposes and is available in a variety of sizes, i.e., small and large folding hunter patterns.
Spatula Blade - This was used for mixing powders or salves by doctors or physicians. It was also used for counting pills. It may have also been used by doctor's as a tongue depressor.
Spear Blade - This is used as a heavy-duty utility tool for farmers and the like.
Spey Blade - This was used by farmers and designed for the use in cattle castration. The specially curved tip design allows for it to cut easily and not puncture the animal. Today this is a common all-purpose utility blade and is featured in most Trapper pattern designs.
Spoon - This is used as a utensil for eating. The Cap Lifter feature is used for opening bottles by lifting the cap.
Wharncliffe - This is used by a lot of seamstresses. It also is used as a gutting knife for animals. Wharncliffe blades are more delicate at the point than Copin or Sheepfoot blades. Many consider the Wharncliffe to be the handiest blade you have in a knife.

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