Most Valuable Case Knives

Case Copperlock Knives

: Through many hours of hands-on use I have ranked the following items as highly recommended, recommended, or not recommended. "Highly recommended" is reserved for best in class items which outperform competitors; in other words you'd be hard pressed to find anything better for the price. "Recommended" items perform satisfactorily but aren't among the best in their class. "Not recommended" items perform poorly and you'd be wise to spend your money elsewhere. I research things before making a purchase thus minimizing not-recommended items. The items highlighted in red link to a more in-depth review.
Backpacks and Bags
Cilogear 45L WorkSack - Highly recommended; check out the review!
Mystery Ranch Hot 3 Fire Pack - Highly recommended (used while firefighting)

BlueWater Ropes - Highly recommended
- Highly recommended; check out the review!
Sterling Rope - Highly Recommended
Black Diamond - (American made cams and carabiners) Highly recommended

MSR Dragonfly Stove - Highly recommended
MSR Whisperlite Stove - Highly recommended
​Open Country 2 quart Kettle - Highly recommended

Chippewa 6" Apache Utility Lace Up Rugged Outdoors Boots "20080" - Highly recommended
​Danner Crater Rim GTX Boots - Highly recommended
Okabashi Indigo Flip Flops - Highly recommended
New Balance M1400HR "Catch 22" - Highly recommended
Woolrich Yankee Boots - Highly recommended; read the review!
*Note - Footwear recommendations depend on personal foot size, these boots and shoes fit me but might not fit you. Always try on footwear to ensure a proper fit.

Sage SLT 4 piece 4 lb fly rod - Highly recommended

Liberty Bottleworks 24 fl. oz. bottle - Highly recommended
Nalgene 1L bottle - Highly recommended (Nearly indestructible but can't withstand bear teeth, see bottom right photo!)
Platypus 2L bottle - Recommended (Though super light they eventually get holes after heavy use.)
Sawyer Mini Water Filter - Highly recommended

Maglite XL50 - Recommended
Light & Motion Vis 360 - Highly recommended
​Princeton Tec Apex - Highly recommended
Princeton Tec Byte - Highly recommended
Princeton Tec Sync - Recommended
Princeton Tec Vizz - Recommended

Brunton Truarc 15 Compass - Highly recommended
Brunton Truarc 7 Compass - Recommended

Smartphone Case
Magpul phone cases - Highly recommended

Oakley Twenty - Highly recommended

Feathered Friends Sleeping Bags - Highly recommended
Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent - Highly recommended; check out the review!

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