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Small Gerber Pocket Knife

Bought this knife really cheaply in a KMart last week. I love it! A teenage girl, I have very small hands. This knife fits well. My one complaint is that the pocket clip doesn't accommodate tough/thick fabrics very well.

One of the best knife and I got this one from the Basic Survival kit - one of the best things to purchase and really useful kit outdoors.

the knife came really sharp, its lightweight and its small. The frame lock is a little hard to close but its better to have a strong lock and a strong blade than to have a loose lock and a blade that has a chance to swing down and cut your fingers.

great knife for edc
very sharp and a good weight i think a thum stud would be cool though

This knife was my first gerber and it set the bar for me. it was extremely mobile and sharp, it was very easy to sharpen (which rarely happened) and the serrated edge is awesome! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good all around knife ready for any odd job you throw at it. And when they say lifetime warranty Gerber means it!

Got the knive in the Bear survival pack which I bought to venture into the Ecuadorian jungle (with native indian guides). They were genuinly impressed with the versatility of the knive, not to mention its sharpness and its size. Since they use machetes for almost anything it was a joy to see them cut small branches, peel fruit and even skin small animals with it :). Question though, a friend of mine told me it's impossible to sharpen it, though it stays sharp, and is still in mint condition for the time being.any suggestions would be welcome.

Found this on a construction site, the color of the metal after a few years of use made it far to beautiful to leave sitting in the debris of the site. it has not left my side since that day coming in handy more than once in my travels. great at every thing from cleaning a kill to cutting tinder. more than once it was all I had to fight off every thing from a wild boar to a bobcat. I owe my life to this sturdy dependable blade. I cannot imagine the tragic end that met the fellow who lost this blade on that fateful day.

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