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Gerber Knives logo, survival and folding knivesGerber Legendary Blades is a knife company which specializes in designing sheathed and other types of knives for combat or recreational use. The company has been in operation since 1939 and it continues to grow every year. The current revenue of the company is around 100$ million as of 2012 (in operation for around 70 years). It is an American company and the headquarters can be found in Tigard, Oregon. Not only does the company design knives for a wide variety of different purposes but they also create survival gear such as flash lights, tools, and compasses. Bear Grylls has used many different Gerber products in his reality TV survival shows. If you are looking for high quality survival gear and knives; Gerber products are highly recommended.

Knife Design

Gerber designs and manufactures a wide variety of different knives for different purposes. However, the company mainly designs knives for survival use. These knives are incredibly durable and must past several different durability tests before they can be packaged and sold. In fact, some of these products could save your life in the wild. If you like to embark on long journeys into the wild for days at a time some trusty Gerber survival gear and knives are essential. Gerber delivers knives to the following markets: military, survival, hunting, tactical, outdoor, and industrial. Additionally, several former Gerber employees have gone on to establish their own successful knife production companies. For example, former Gerber employee Al Mar has created a knife production company known as AL Mar Knives. The company is relatively successful. Each Gerber knife designed is tested according to the market it will be sold to. For instance, military knives are tested according to optimal hand to hand combat use and situations. Knives designed for survival use are designed to be extremely durable and tough in order to withstand harsh conditions in the wilderness.

There are 7 different models that Gerber bases each knife they produce on. Occasionally the company designs a new model, but if the model does not receive a positive response they will no longer continue to produce knives based on that particular model. The following are a few of Gerber’s trademark knife models: Gerber guardian, Gerber mark II, Gerber Blackie Collins clip-lock diving knife, and LMF II A SEK.

Other Information

Not only does Gerber produce one of the highest quality knives on the market but they also offer a full lifetime warranty on each of their products. Of course, the warranty is only valid for people who live in North America. Additionally, some Gerber products are designed with replaceable parts. For customers who live outside of North America the warranty is for 25 years. Geber trusts can afford to give this warranty because they are fully aware of just how durable their products are. So if you are looking for some new hunting or survival knives for your next trek into the wilderness, Gerber products are high recommended. Not only will you own an extremely high quality product but if the product ever breaks you can make use of Gerber’s lifetime warranty.

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