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Before the dawn of civilization, fire and the knife were man's first steps toward a better life.
Folding Knives
Fixed Blade Knives

Why invest in plastic throw away knives that quit cutting in a week?

There is no substitute for quality knives that have already stood the test of time! The quality of knives made in the 40's, 50s, 60s, 70s and before just cannot be duplicated today. The same is true for Al Mar's made from 1979 to 1992! Invest in quality that was meant to last a lifetime!

Buy from someone you can !

Our web site catalog is presented to you as one of the finest selections of cutlery ever offered by one company. We have been associated with the cutlery business for over 20 years. Enjoy going through the pages of our site and place your order soon for the items of your choice. Our constantly changing stock often includes interesting items of museum quality which will appeal to the discerning collector. Each will offer you years of enjoyable and satisfying use.

Visit anytime.

Visit often.

We have over 500 different knives in stock by companies like: Al Mar, Benchmade, Beretta, Blackjack, Boker, Buck, Case, Camillus, Cattaraugus, Cold Steel, Diamond Edge, Eye Brand, Gerber, Henckels, IXL, KaBar, Keen Kutter, Kershaw, Linder, Marbles, Parker, John Primble, Puma, Queen, Rigid, Remington, Robeson, Joseph Rodgers, Schrade, Smith & Wesson, Spyderco, Ulster, Western, Winchester and many more.

Come in and see for yourself what we have to offer. And remember, you may see it now and after it is sold, its gone! Most of our stock is the only one we have to sell!

Questions about us and our company procedures can be answered on the About Us and Help and FAQ pages.

Got a birthday coming up soon?

Tell 'em you want a from CutlersCove.com .
You will be able to select your own knife from all we have listed. They can choose the amount of the gift and email or mail the Gift Certificate their choice. You can order one or more now. For more details click here.

so you can find us again!
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Our master list of past Blade knife magazines for sale. Looking for a back issue or year?

The displays a selection of the knives we have for sale now. The selection will change regularly, so check back to see what's different.

If you have a suggestion that will help us build a better way of doing business, please inform us.

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