Gerber Hunting Knives Review

I really thought this would be a great knife because of Gerber's reputation. I never got to find out because the blade cracked in a perfect L-shape while cleaning a Pheasant. I have other knives from Gerber and they are great, but this one isn't.

This knife will make you smile. Best balance and ergonomics I have felt in a knife in a long while. In conjunction with the excellent sheath, makes an excellent CCW knife. I'm certain it will also make an excellent field knife, especially for big game hunters.

I picked mine up at Walmart and for the money this is a solid performing fixed blade. Cuts everything I have put to it and feels good in the hands. My only complaint is that the steel used on the Moment is softer than most of my other knives of this size. I had to resharpen mine a few times already and had wished Gerber went with 420hc instead. But a good thing is that it sharpens quickly on wetstone.

I was looking for an all around knife and i found it in this knife. I love everything about this knife the grip is perfect for my hand and the blade is the right size. Only drawback is the sheath.I was hoping for a clip but it only has this weak nylon strap. With a clip i could clip it to my pack or any position on my belt. The way it is doesn't give many options plus a risk of the strap breaking when you least expect it. Great knife great value but have to rethink the belt loop(need a clip).

Just picked it up to day put it through a few swipes on my steel and it shaved the back of my hand bald :D. I never bought a gerber before but ive bought lots of specailty knives in my time and i think this little guy is gonna be my new best friend

I'm happy with the knife it came sharp as I expected it to come!! My only complaint is that the sheath is terrible where the belt loop attaches there is a weak point that's not going to last very long!! Would be afraid the first time it gets caught on a branch it's going to rip the knife clear off your waste!! Other thsnks needing a better possibly leather or kydex sheath this is a great knife for the money!!

I love my knife I use mine for my edc and survival knife good knife for a good price

I work with soft pine to hard American oak- making custom 1911 grips, and this knife is very comfortable to use for extended widdling tasks. The scabbard is the only drawback with a thin double stitched nylon strap/loop for your belt. Most likely it will not survive the coming summer so I will look into better options. Overall a GREAT value and I would recommend it.

From the first time I held it in my hands I could tell that Gerber had really put a great deal of thought in the practical design of this knife. Excellent balance and a great grip. The blade is just the right size for a multitude of chores from field dressing to bushcraft work. The sheath does leave alot to be desired, however for $26 I am willing to make my own sheath for such an exceptional knife. I could see this knife ranking along side the Big Rock and LMF II in terms of success and popularity. It actually replaced my Prodigy as my EDC fixed blade due to the razor sharp plain edge. I realize that having a thinner blade is preferred for field dressing and hunting related chores, but if Gerber could beef up the blade thickness like the Prodigy's 3/16'' blade and make the lanyard hole wide enough for 550 paracord, they would have created a great all purpose fixed blade knife.

I recently purchased this knife as my EDC (I already have a Kabar in my bug out bag). I absolutely love this knife. The grip fits perfectly in my hand and the textured rubber greatly cut down on the usual fatigue. When it arrived, it was your typical factory "mostly sharp" knife; I ran it across my stone a few times and it's perfect now. The scabbard it came with is a little bulky but that's because it has a plastic frame inside to hold the knife snug. I removed the cross strap because I didn't like it, and with the plastic inside, the friction is enough to keep the knife in place (it's not bad at all though). Despite that though, I made myself a custom kydex scabbard and I prefer the kydex. The only complaint I have with the knife is that the choil is too small to be of any real use, but I knew that from the picture when I bought it. My brothers all love it and want one of their own (with one of my kydex sheaths). I think I know what their Christmas presents will be. Overall, it holds a fine edge through quite a bit of use and kept my hand from feeling too fatigued, I highly recommend it.

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