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The innovators at Gerber know a thing or two about quality, and that trend continues with the versatile and extremely durable Gerber 22-48484 Mini Paraframe Knife. This versatile, handy, and aesthetically pleasing piece of hunting gear is the smallest of the eight knives in the Paraframe series, meaning that it's also lightweight and very user-friendly. Your days of shopping around in search of the tactical edge you need are over. This model of the esteemed Gerber pocketknife series boasts specific features tailored around its frame-lock design and was crafted with the folding-knife user in mind. Hunting, fishing, survival, open air camping - these knives are useful accessories for all such pursuits. Whether you're out in the wilderness and need to cut down some branches to create a fire or in a warehouse and have to go through a shipment of boxes, the functionality of this Gerber will help you get the job done. This is a compact, powerful knife that can cut through leather, clothing, and many other materials, and each one is made with care in China. The Gerber 22-48484 prominently features a 2.22-inch, carbon stainless steel clip point blade, giving it a quality appearance while maintaining superior carbon steel properties. Being a partially serrated blade, this knife boasts dual functionality for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and anyone who appreciates a nice blade. You have the freedom to choose between a serrated or straight-edge blade for whatever project you happen to be working on. The tip also tapers, giving you a great configuration for cutting in tight areas. Men and women alike will admire these useful outdoor accessories and their Paraframe styles. A one-handed opening style design makes this folding blade easy to wield, a feature complemented by its lightweight, stainless steel handle. This knife is designed for durability and easy cleaning. It's simple to fold and unfold, just press or pull. Furthermore, you can do so with one hand, making your other hand free to stabilize yourself. When you're done cutting, the lock can easily be disengaged with your fingernail. The frame lock on this piece of gear holds steady, so you won't have to check to make sure it's not collapsing suddenly. The lacy Paraframe look of these folding knives is also beautiful, and the metal comes in your choice of black or gray. The entire blade weighs 1.4 ounces, and it features a pocket clip for general portability. Due to their small size, these knives also conveniently fit inside your pocket. The folding knife measures at six inches at its overall length, and it can easily be carried around at its closed length of 3.07 inches. You will also find the weight quite negligible thanks to the Paraframe style. Both men and women will find that this fine, versatile product handles well, and thanks to its durability and high-quality steel, you won't have to...

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