It s smaller than 1:1 replica

WOW replica Swords

Log in during the two month international premiere of Warcraft the Movie.

Log in between May 25th and August 1st

Comment by Komanchi

For anyone curious this sword sheaths on the hip and not your back!

Comment by Nicknames

Dream sword :^)

Comment by Viserate

Sword is very nice as is the shield, but the axe will be used by pretty much no one. To use the word boring is an insult to truly boring items. This has no character, no sense of anything special or unique. Quite honestly, it's a vendor-only item. The staff? meh
Won't be rushing to log onto my horde characters for these items nor will I make room in my bank. Congrats Alliance, you won the toss for great looking items.

Comment by Daroyski

How to see if it fits with one of your transmorgh set?
I tried DressingRoom with no succes.
Cannot add the link up there?

Comment by Teldron706

Kind of sad that there is not a two handed version of this sword. Would love to wield it on my Ret Pala and the Arms Warrior. Sword and shield is just not my stuff. But my god, i might just choose to play protection pala and warrior just to have this absolutely amazing sword!

Comment by Olieron

International premiere of Warcraft the Movie release at 25th May.


International premiere of Warcraft the Movie at 25th May.


Comment by lokomoma

i made a nice t mog for this set and her it is

Comment by rc18742

Hope there will be a 2 handed version cause I would love to wield this on my ret pally and my fury warrior since it have no lvl req it seems like we can use it at lvl 1 hopefully

Comment by Godsfire

So much for my Artifact weapons... lol this will be my transmog for a good long time.

Comment by Vansheltor

Хороший трансмог для воинов и палов) будет интересно посмотреть на монков и рог с этой пухой.

Comment by Shoten5

The sword and shield look amazing. Perfect to slap onto my recently created Prot Pally.
Part of me wishes my hordies could use these but they do fit more thematically for the alliance.

Comment by Benevolentia

Available in-game as of 25th May 2016 by logging in within 2 months after the World premie of the Warcraft (2016) movie.

The item is account-bound, but can only be used by alliance-characters.

Comment by fyikick

Are these transmogs going to carry over faction changes? or will my weapon skins reset to default?

Comment by Krakatua

You can not use all 4 movie replicas if you are a Pandaren! The restriction is race related, but it is also faction as well.

Comment by The0o

Mailing this to an Horde toon will switch it one of the Horde only weapons and vice versa.

Comment by SoCalWoWGal

From the Official forums, some clarification on the movie related transmog weapons:


Unaware that accounts without an active subscription can't access the mail I made a new horde char to get the items. I can't get them out of the mail, if they're even in there at all. And I can't log on to a different Horde char on an active sub as it's once per account. What do I do now? I can reactivate my sub but will they show up in the newly made char's mail? My main account with an active sub didn't have an open character slot and I didn't think about not having access to the mail.


The items would have gone to the first character of a given faction that logged in. You could activate that account to recover them but if you aren't in a hurry they will just add to the Transmog collection once that feature goes in with that content patch.

as long as you received the achievement the items for both factions will be added to your collection once the system is implemented.

Getting the achievement just requires logging in, so while you won't be able to retrieve the items from the mail, that should otherwise qualify the account so when the transmog system is implemented they are automatically added to your collection.

Comment by zenterus

Really cool items. Sadly this amazing look will be lost with Legion arficats :\.

Comment by aquila93

Does pandaren horde can trasmo this?

Comment by Kornilius

I am fairly certain I saw two players, a Blood Elf and an Orc, walking around with this sword (and the accompanying shield) in Warspear, just a few hours ago. I don't how they did it. I wish my eyes were deceiving me, but the shield's design is unmistakable, and the trade chat comments of several other players on my realm corroborated my observation, as well.

Any idea how this could be done? I sent the sword and shield from one of my Alliance characters to my Horde main, but they changed into the axe and staff when I opened the mail letter.

Comment by Leafshade

I have to say that I did manage to whipp up a good mog that goes very well with the set.. But the sword and the shield are deffiantely two really costumized transmogs.. Good job blizzard! :D

Here is a link to the set I have put together.

I hope it looks just as good for you people as it does for me! :D

Comment by Reignac

I wish there was a two-hander version though.

Comment by FAILoZOFF

Finally! A shield that looks awesome (which is kind of rare in wow as I could probably count on 1 hand good looking shields) which also comes as theme set with a weapon! Always wanted to use matching sword n board combo but there was nothing like that before, come combos were close at best but just... not there. Now here it is in it full glory.

Comment by Itelletas

It appears to be disenchantable, 25 Enchanting skill required. I was not daring enough to attempt, as I'd rather keep the sword.

Comment by Arbatrus

Name sounds like "Lion's Tooth, " childhood sword of Joffrey Baratheon.

Comment by Diolusion

Quick question, do you need to have a active subscription on the account when you log in, because ATM I'm revising for exams and don't want to pay 10 quid when I'm not gonna play it, so if I log in with a level 1 toon, will I get replicas as well as a follow up question being, his will they arrive, mail or inventory toss? Cheers :)

Comment by takerudavis

Well, here's my reason to put my main (druid) on a side track and start leveling some other class. Or I could use it on my off-main (monk).

Comment by Deedub

It should've been a 2-hander, really, since Lothar doesn't use a shield in the movie. But, on the other hand, it's pretty cool to be able to use it along with the shield.

Comment by AddictedPoi

You need an active account to get the Warcraft movie promotion transmogs if you want these transmogs now.

Just logging in on a Starter or Veteran account will not work. By logging in you get the achievement Fight for the Alliance and a letter from King Varian Wrynn.
Starter or Veteran accounts cannot use the mail system. Which means you need game time on your account paid for with real money or the WOW token.

Or you can log in now, get the achievement, and you will get the transmog automatically when Legion launches. .
If anyone finds fitting shoulders and maybe head, then please post them here :)
I tried looking for some shoulders and came up with these:
Wild Gladiator's Plate Pauldrons
Reconstructed Holy Shoulderplates
Scourgebane Pauldrons (the whole Tempered Saronite Battlegear (Recolor) set also fits Lion's sword & board:)

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