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The Blutsauger sword from the Anime, Shakugan no Shana (Burning eyed Shana) is an inexpensive and fairly faithful replica of the original suitable for display or cosplay.

But how does it stack up from the perspective of an experienced functional sword collector? Read on and find out!

The Blutsauger Sword

Review by Dan Dacombe., Manitoba, CANADA

Shakugan no Shana (“Burning-Eyed Shana”) was a Japanese anime that ran for three seasons between 2005 and 2012. The anime was based on a popular light novel series by Japanese author Takahashi Yashichiro, and is known among anime fans for its excellent execution of common anime themes and tropes. In the world of Shakugan no Shana, human beings unknowingly live under the threat of beings from a parallel universe known as the Crimson Realm. These creatures are known as the Crimson Denizens, and some among them seek to drain humankind of The Power of Existence, a special energy that all living beings possess but only Crimson Denizens can manipulate. By stealing a human being’s Power of Existence a Crimson Denizen becomes more powerful and threatens the balance of both worlds. Other Crimson Denizens want to preserve the balance between the worlds, and so form a special contract with human beings to grant them the power to fight back. These beings are known as “Flame Haze, ” and grant their human partners great abilities.

Enter Sakai Yuji, average Japanese High School student (because of course). Yuji has a problem – he’s just discovered that he happens to be dead, and his Power of Existence was almost completely drained by an evil Crimson Denizen. He’s rather callously informed of this fact by a girl with flaming red eyes and a katana – the “Shana” from the series title. Yuji is expected to vanish as the last of his Power of Existence is used up but somehow he continues to remain in our world, and life – or afterlife – only gets more strange and dangerous from there. Yuji and Shana become caught in the middle of the epic battle between two worlds, and neither of them will emerge unchanged from the conflict.

Action, adventure, romance – Shakugan no Shana has a little bit of everything that makes anime great.

The Anime Sword

One of the features of Shakugan no Shana is the existence of magical artifacts called Treasure Tools. There are countless numbers of these artifacts, but one of the more important ones in the series is the greatsword Blutsauger.

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