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1. Sharpen your knife before you think you need to. Check the tightness of pocket clip screws when you do.
2. Clean your knife when you finish your day- pocket lint and other crud can disable locks. Coins can end up wedging blades shut. Mank on the blade can give you food poisoning.
3. Carry the knife that makes the most sense for environment you are going to be in- and the environments you are going to pass through.
4. If you swap out a knife you've been carrying for a few days, take 5 minutes to get the muscle memory back of how this one opens or closes- Especially if you've changed lock type
5. Keep your knife in the same place in your pocket regardless of the knife so your hand drops to it naturally.Having to frisk yourself to find a knife looks hilarious. It also means you are less likely to lose it.
6. Carry 2 knives if you can- of different sizes and specialisms., if your day is going to warrant it.
7. Do not loan, lend or hand your knife to anyone. Ever.
8. Do not leave your knife anywhere- it's in your hand or in your pocket at any given point in the day.
9. The public are frightened of knives. They are frightened more by people doing knife tricks or practicing opening flicks. Keep it out of sight unless you need to do something.
10. Balance your load- Dropping your wallet or phone in the direct opposite pocket to your large or heavy knife will counteract much of the complaining that folks do about weight

11- BONUS RULE: If heading for the airport- turn out EVERY pocket of EVERY garment you are wearing to check for 'that' Delica you've always got clipped to your pocket. Better to do it at home than watch the TSA throw your cherished EDC in the crusher

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