Spyderco Card Knife

Pros: Blade Material, Handle Feel, Handle Material, Overall Quality, Weight, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness

Cons: Lock Ease of Use, None

Hot off the Line

I use the new Advocate as my daily back pocket carry. It has proven itself on everything from carving marshmallow sticks for the kids in seconds to powering through double-walled cardboard, to trimming back cuticles. I live this knife, it's super light and balanced in the hand thanks to the titanium scales and the right-sized full ground 3.5 inch M4 blade, which also happens to keep its incredible edge much longer than any stainless steel blade I've carried before (yes even S30V). The flipper is a little slow compared to other Spyderco flippers I've held but I'm hoping that's just a matter of breaking it in or cleaning out the pocket lint that can accumulate due to the open design. Regardless, this is a timeless design and one I look forward to carrying for a long, long time!

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