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9478 Hwy 6 S
Houston, TX 77083
(281) 561-8447

Pretty good experience. I just bought my first rifle and they helped me quite a bit; very patient and knowledgeable. I will go there again.

I wish there was a way to give 0 stars. I have never experienced worse service from a business in my entire life. First of all, the firearms the sell are stored so poorly they have rust and deterioration. Even worse, the service is atrocious. Not only are the rude, but they are sexist and racist. They will spam your email and if you try to get off their mailing list they will harass you. I truly hope this establishment is closed down. Do not waste your time and money here. I deeply regret purchasing a firearm from this place.

nice looking, shop, 30 year history...owners tired of the business. Major attitude problems and terrible customer service. Box of ammo full retail. Asked about negotiating on price suggested I go someplace else and pay 20 % more.really? Asked about a trade and felt I was at a car dealership or a pawn shop. Time to sell or close...I will shop somewhere else!

I had my gun transferred here from gun I called the store and they said my shipment isn't here but the UPS tracking says they delivered it. I decided to go to the store and check and when I got there, they said the shipment came in and told me they will call me to pick it up later because they have to log it. The employees were not very welcoming. I told them I live an hour away and only sent it to this store because a friend recommended them. I never got a call. I will never do business with this store again or refer anyone to them.

Fountain Firearms is my one stop shop. When I lived in the area I was in the store all the time. Guns and ammo holsters or every kind of accessory and some great fellas and gals to help you with whatever you need. Great deal on handguns, long guns and everything in between. Recently I traveled from my home in Central Texas after they contacted me advising of a Bucket list item I have been looking for and hard to come by. I now have my Henry Original. Thanks Oren for letting me know. If your looking for quality, quantity and bargains, you don't have too look far! Get with them and see for yourself... I'll do more business with Fountain Firearms cause they're good people to do business with and they care about their customers! I'm proof of that! Thanks Oren

Bought my first rifle from this shop which was a ar15 . Eric help me choose from wide varieties of ar15 type of guns and after I finally went with the ruger ar 556 thanks to Eric great advice !He spent his time to show how to clean and disassemble the rifle . 5 star allday will be back to make more purchases .

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