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Vintage Gun Parts Buying GuideVintage gun restoration is a popular hobby that is not limited to just seasoned gunsmiths. Hobbyists and craftsmen restore vintage handguns, shotguns, and rifles, for personal collections or to sell. They may come across guns that are in very poor condition, and with some spare parts and time, are able to restore them to a respectable condition.

To restore a vintage gun, hobbyists start by identifying the gun, inspecting it for damage, locating the parts that need to be replaced, and having them authenticated.

Identifying a Vintage Gun

Hobbyists can identify guns by noting its features and comparing them with pictures in gun guides or taking them to an appraiser. To identify a vintage gun, hobbyists should note the gun's type, action, and caliber. They should also note any markings or numbers on the gun. This helps the appraiser determine the model of the gun.

Restoring a Vintage Gun

There are several steps involved in restoring a vintage gun, and they will differ depending on the type of gun and era that it originates from. Before restoring a gun, hobbyists need to locate vintage firearms that are worth the time and investment. The process starts with finding an antique firearms dealer and ends with a completely restored gun to add to a collection.

Locate a Vintage Gun Dealer

Vintage gun restorers can purchase guns from large antique gun dealers, or they may purchase a gun from a private seller. When selecting a vintage gun dealer, it is important to find one that has a good reputation. They are better able to assess a gun's worth, identify authentic pieces versus replicas, and price them accordingly.

Choose a Vintage Gun to Restore

With a variety of guns and time periods to choose from, it can be hard to choose a gun to restore. Some guns have been modified to shoot a different caliber than they were originally designed for. For safety reasons, it is important that hobbyists choose a gun that can be easily authenticated for the proper cartridge. Otherwise, attempting to shoot the gun could prove to be dangerous. Novice hobbyists should stick to more common caliber guns and rifles like .22.30-30, and .30-.06.

Inspect the Vintage Gun for Modifications and Damage

When selecting a gun to restore, hobbyists should first look at its condition. If the gun is missing several parts or is in very poor condition, then it may not be worthwhile to restore it at all. In order to avoid wasting lots of time and money on a restoration project, hobbyists should look for vintage guns that are in fair to good condition.


During the inspection, shoppers should inspect the vintage gun for modifications. Gun modifications refer to any work or customization done to the gun after its manufacture. These guns may not have standard parts or may have cut-down barrels. Guns that have several modifications or irreparable modifications will not be as easy to restore or may not be restorable at all.


Additionally, vintage gun shoppers need to inspect a gun for damage. The gun should not show signs of any significant mechanical damage. If it does, then it will require the help of a professional gunsmith or the restored vintage gun will be unsafe to fire. Instead, hobbyists should look for guns with only minor parts damaged or missing, such as magazines, trigger guards, sights, or butt pads. These parts can easily be replaced without compromising the mechanics of the gun.

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