Gerber 01463 LMF II Fixed

Gerber Portland Oregon

Five Jack Russell puppies intertwined in a single mass, one of the edition of 15 of this sculpture. On display in front of the front courtyard of the Humane Society, 1474 S. Wenatchee Ave. (509) 662-9577

Located just outside the Zoo gates at the South entrance, on a sitting wall bordering a flower bed and directly in front of the bus unloading zone. A mother baboon holding an infant, with an adolescent sitting in front of them. A large male is walking toward them from nearby. Funded by the Steve Trafton Family as a gift to the Zoo. 5500 Phinney Ave. N. (206) 684-4800.

A life size figure of the Saint standing in the columbarium on the wooded property of the church. He is depicted among local animals; there is a bird on his shoulder, a fawn cradled in one arm, a coyote at his side, and a rabbit peering out from under the backside of his garment. Parishioners have begun commissioning additional animals to be placed around the walls of the columbarium in memoriam. The sculpture may be viewed at any time. 5217 S. Honeymoon Bay Road (360)331-4887.

Collection of Tarbell Reality, Santa Ana, California 2003
Company owner Don Tarbell has created a display of his collection of four of Georgia's larger scale sculptures in the outdoor courtyard of his Company's Headquarters. The first piece installed was a unique commission of a calf curiously nosing the retreating ducks which are the edition piece "Stumbley Ducklings". He next added the edition pieces "African Lioness with Cubs" and "Girl with Puppy". His most recent addition to the collection was the unique "Mountain Goats" which had been looking for a home for many years. These goats were created in 1984 for an Alaskan Building that was never completed. Georgia repurchased the piece years later, and they were finally permanently placed at the Tarbell site in Santa Ana. Please call ahead to view the collection: (714) 972-0988.

A teen aged boy dressed in early 20th century clothing, playing harmonica and leaning against a post on the front porch of the museum. The boy represents the type of worker who may have lived in the building that once housed brush cutters and other laborers on South Whidbey. Included in the sculpture is a bronze replica of a commonly used brush-cutting tool. At the boy's feet is a replica lard bucket, much like those used as lunch pails in the period, which acts as a bank to collect donations to the museum. On Second Street, downtown Langley.

A teenage girl with her arms around her Labrador/mixed breed dog. The sculpture is placed on a raised stone pedestal in the foyer of the hospital. Duckpond Drive, Blacksburg (540) 231-7666.

McLean Animal Hospital, McLean, Virginia 2002
A replica of the sculpture placed in the foyer of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Virginia Tech Institute. This version resides on a walkway outside the McLean Clinic. Dr. McLean is associated with the Teaching Hospital and gained permission from them for Georgia to recreate their teenage girl holding her mixed breed dog. Since the original had been a unique sculpture, Georgia sculpted a new piece that was nearly identical, but posses a personality and charm of its own. 1330 Old Chain Bridge Road (703) 356-5000

A larger than life snail crawling on a stone in the open courtyard of the High School. Presented to the school as a gift from the class of 2001. 9100 SE 42nd (206)236-3345 H

A teen-age boy throwing a ball for his Springer spaniel by the shore of Oxbow Lake. Given to the City by the daughters of Violet and Harvey Hart, Longview pioneers and civic leaders. The Park is located between Nichols and Kessler Boulevards.

"Pigs On Parade" Seattle, Washington 2000
Two larger than life versions of Rachel, the Pike Place Market Pig, originally cast in bronze and then reproduced in fiberglass. Nearly 200 of these fiberglass sculptures were individually treated by artists, and displayed at businesses throughout the Seattle area during the summer of 2001. This large public art project culminated in an auction of the decorated pigs as a benefit for the Pike Place Market Foundation. AIN

A life-size Puma, the school's mascot, in a courtyard of the newly expanded campus. Her cub is ascending the top steps of a nearby staircase. 8000...

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