Knife 2: It is a blackie

Gerber Blackie Collins River Knife

These are two of the most popular Gerber knives. The smaller is the Gerber LMF II and the larger is the Gerber LHR Sheath knifeGerber LHR Combat Knife designed by Matt Larsen, Bill Harsey and Chris Reeve

and multitools headquartered in Tigard, Oregon, United States, within the Portland metropolitan area. Currently Gerber is a sub-division of Fiskars Brands Inc, owned by the Fiskars company of Finland. Gerber was established in 1939 by Pete Gerber. Gerber was the first production knife company to collaborate with a custom knife maker when it collaborated with David Murphy.

History. While working for the family business, Joseph Gerber mailed 24 sets of kitchen knives to clients during the holidays. These handmade knives were very popular, with then catalog retailer Abercrombie & Fitch requesting more of these knives from Gerber to sell in their catalog in 1939. Gerber started Gerber Legendary Blades that same year.

Gerber logo on machete/saw comboIn 1966, the company relocated to a new headquarters next to Interstate 5 in what is now Tigard. Finnish company Fiskars purchased the private company in 1987. Chad Vincent was hired as chief executive officer in July 2001. By 2003 the company employed 300 people and had revenues near 0 million and was the second leading seller of multitools in the United States.

Models designed by knife maker Bob Loveless more than twenty years ago.

  • the :A fighting knife.
  • the Gerber LMF II Infantry
  • the
  • the Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife
  • the Gerber Blackie Collins Clip-lock Diving Knife
  • the, or Aircrew Survival and Egress Knife
  • the Gerber Gator - A single blade lockback knife with an ergonomic thermoplastic handle molded to resemble alligator skin.

Gallery coating.

A Gerber Suspension pocket tool, blades open

A Gerber Suspension pocket tool, pliers open

Gerber Vise keychain, 60mm long when closed

Gerber Vise, fully opened

Gerber Blackie Collins One Piece, Fixed Blade CLip-Lock Diving Knife

Gerber Vise, only side tools opened

Gerber Remix, redesigned with Paraframe opening/closing system

A Gerber Paraframe framelock knife, the Gerber Guardian Backup knife with sheath, and a Gerber Multi-plier 600 with sheath.

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