Legendary Blades

qutluch.jpg (10106 bytes)The Forge at Kri'stak

Birth of a Blade Before a weapon is the soul of a warrior, it is first the heart of the craftsman. Forged with the heat of passion, Cooled with blood tainted sweat, Shaped with a vision of perfection, as the master wields the hammer. M'Ikiro 1-19-98

The lands stretching from the western slopes of Kri'staK to the waters of Lursor have been the home of the House of Toragh since the formation of the Empire. At the foot of Kri'stak lies the *Heart of Kri'stak* - the Forge of the House of Toragh. The sons of Toragh have supplied Klingon warriors with the finest blades in the Empire - 'etlhmey vaQqu' - for over 1500 years. These are but a few examples.

The qutluch is the traditonal weapon of the Klingon assassin. Since honorable assassination is performed with very traditional weapons, it is not unusual to find the use of a family heirloom for the task. This particular weapon is a quarter inch thick with an eight inch long blade and has a hardened animal skin handle with a bone guard and pommel.


Reference: Worf in ST:TNG Episode - *Ethics*
The meqleH is a smaller weapon that lends itself to warriors with quick hands. It is also ideal for tight shipboard fighting.This meqleH is designed for a full sized warrior. It is a quarter inch thick and 20 inches long. It has a hidden tang covered in hardened animal skin washers with a solid threaded pommel. The hidden tang allows for the sculpting of the handle to comfortably fit the warrior's hand.


Reference: Worf - Numerous DS9 episodes
The 'aqleH is the traditional weapon of the Klingon Clerics on Boreth. It is a very ancient design dating back to the days of the early Empire. This weapon has a shaft of hardened wood 50 inches long with an additional 12 inches of hardened animal skin as an end grip. It is capped with a solid threaded pommel. The blade is quarter inch thick and is 24 inches long. All of the edges are beveled for cutting with the exception of the oval cut-outs. The overall length of the weapon is 71.5 inches long. It is suprisingly easy to handle and an excellent weapon against mounted enemies in open field situations.

'aqleH (Half bat'leth)

Reference: *Secret Arts of The Warrior Race* by HetaQ
The Sword of Kahless is the original bat'leth. Kahless received the design of this revolutionary blade in a dream before his final confrontation and victory over the Tyrant Molar. As the battlegrounds of the Empire moved from the ground to deep space, the design of the batleth changed to accomodate new fighting needs. A good weapons maker must always be aware of the needs of the warrior. This blade is true to the dimensions of the original Sword of Kahless in both the *historical* and technical aspects. The titanium allows it to be made with a true Klingon thickness for the proper *heft* and it also produces it's own unique finish. The sword has been polished to a 300 grit and heat treated to shades of deep blue. The engravings are of ancient origin and appear on the original weapon.

The Sword of Kahless

Reference: DS9 Episode - *The Sword of Kahless*
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