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Case knife Shields

Below is a list of many of the shields that have been used on Case knives. There are several that are not included because I don’t have images of them all & because there are a very large number of them that makes a comprehensive list difficult to put together.

On older Case knives, one shield style was predominantly used for several years. When knives were made to be carried, there was not a big demand for variety and it was easier to manufacture with a smaller variety.

As technology improved & manufacturing techniques were tweaked, shields became easier and more economical to create and install, Case began making all sorts of them. Today, you will find tons of different shapes and letter styles. You might find fancy 3D type shields, lettering directly inlaid or laser engraved onto the handles, and even carvings made into bone and other handle materials to make cool designs.

You will find countless commemorative shields made for the likes of Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Johnny Cash and others. You will find John Deer shields, Rebel Flag shields, and others of varying brands and interests. Case also has done special shields for anniversary events and historical dates such as a 2010 shield made specific for the 10th anniversary of its Ruslock knife pattern and special millennium shields to recognize the year 2000.

Given the vast array, you will find an example of most the older variations, but when Case started making several different shields per year, you may find some that are not on our list. If you do find a picture of a shield that is not on this page, please send us an image!

Note of interest: Shields were pinned on bone and stag handled Case knives until the late 1970′s at which point the company started gluing them on.

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