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Best Throwing KnivesThe handle has a wonderful smooth finish that doesn’t show fingerprints or smudges which is really good. You will feel that everything is precise and the best bonus is probably the knife is US made.

Safety is a very big issue and the blade shuts in a way that there is no chance of opening it accidentally. The lock system of the knife is really wonderful. It works as per my expectation and works quite smoothly. If you want to open the blade using one hand, it is quite easy to do so. You just bring the knife and get the little “ear” (that is on the back part of blade) to flick and open the knife quite easily. You just need to flick it a little hard and open the blade partly, and the speed safe mechanism is good enough to do the rest. This is not hard but quite speedy.

The knife is wonderfully secured if you don’t engage the extra lock also. So, if you feel the need of opening it quite frequently, you can ignore the safety engagement lock.

These knives are really handy if you consider the price and related safety issues. However, you will get frequent opinions from the users. There are some advantages and disadvantage as well which I should mention clearly.


  • It has razor sharp edges and I wonder the sharpness during the time of production in the factory. At the same time, the sharpness sustains for long time and you need not to worry about it.
  • You will get it compact! The knife is extremely light and very small in size. So, if you keep it in your pocket, you can hardly notice it.
  • It has a superb lockup system and you will not feel any movement whatsoever the direction you put.
  • The blade comes out like lightning speed and you just need to make a delicate tap on your flipper.
  • The lock system is very good and secured as well. If you want to make a little extra tight, the T6 bit can help you to adjust.
  • It is interesting that you can disassemble the whole frame.
  • The knife has a great frame lock which is fantastic for superior reliability and strength.
  • The clip of the knife is quite sturdy and adjustable as per your preference.
  • The knife is really beautiful and you can use it in a formal situation as well.

Best Throwing KnivesCons

  • You will get the blade excessively thin and the tip is quite delicate. It could be a little thicker and it is just my opinion.
  • The clip can be positioned in one side only. So, the lefties can face a little trouble I guess.
  • The handle is very polished and if your hand is wet, there is possibility of making a slip.

2. United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife Set

The United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife Set (3 pieces) is the top choice for best throwing knives. If you come across the product online, you might notice that it doesn’t look like a traditional tomahawk. Instead of a long handle and thick rounded blade at the top, the pieces are, in fact, 3 small throwing knives. Each blade is 2.5 inches long and the entire knife itself is about 5.5 inches. It’s important that you have a general understanding of how long an inch is in order to properly picture how big this knife will be. You can find photos online and see that the knives are a little longer than the average finger. If this size doesn’t bother you, then read on.

As far as throwing knife sets go, this particular 3-piece assemblage is an economical catch. Amazon is selling the knives for about seven dollars. But is it worth your seven bucks? Many times small knives are tricky because they bend or break upon improper contact. It’s true that with this United Cutlery set you need to throw with great force so that your point will stick.

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