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Seems to me to be the lowby equiv of the higher level decks.

Comment by Ayline

By combining the 4 Swords cards you create the deck. The deck CAN be sold on AH, but only an inscriber can use it.
You get the Swords Deck quest from the deck which is replaced by another "Swords Deck" which summons a Darkmoon Fortune Teller.
You pick one of the choices, Mail, Cloth or Leather and get a "Random" enchanted shoulder. I, however, got a +6 Agi/Sta Leather shoulder piece twice in a row.

On a side note, making the tarrot cards is a good way for leveling if you manage to mill the green pigments

Comment by Gerbrith

Actually, it's been changed so you do not need to be an inscriber, you just need to be lvl.20 or higher.

Further note, the Darkmoon Fortune Teller only comes for the quest, and will not read your fortune or give you the Darkmoon Faire Buffs. ^^

Comment by defektunge

Note that there's a five minute cooldown on summoning the NPC for the quest, so if you have several decks (to get a better chance of a decent random enchantment for the shoulders) it's going to take you a while to use all of them.

Aside from the five minute cooldown you can repeat the quest as many times as you want though.

Comment by Miegsdebil

These cards are made via Inscription, and out of 16 combinations I got:

3 Ace of Swords (63s Market Value)
7 Two of Swords (26s Market Value)
4 Three of Swords (1g 14s Market Value)
and only
2 Four of Swords (92s market Value)

Swords Deck (9g50s Market value)

Edit: Did a scan with Advanced Auctioneer scan and put the Market Value of each.

Comment by Branalia

Strangely enough the swords cards do not go in the inscription bags. The Rogues, Mages and Demons cards all go in the bag but none of the Darkmoon cards or Swords cards do. Probably a bug on the part of the Swords especially.

Comment by evilsaint

The Darkmoon Faire DOES NOT have to be in town for you to use the decks/get the items.

Comment by pawnbrok1

What do you get with this quest an inchant for shoulders?

Comment by hintofbasil

If you are turning in a large amount of these for rep, here is a handy pair of macros:

Macro 1
/use Swords Deck
/script AcceptQuest

Macro 2
/script SelectGossipActiveQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest
/script GetQuestReward(1)
/script GetQuestReward

Basically, hit macro 1 twice to accept the quest in your inv. Then, right click the fortune teller (summon her first) to open the chat window, and spam macro 2 a few times. repeat 1>1>click>2>2>2 till you're done - i easily turned in 40 with time to spare on one summon :)

Comment by james44776

As of patch 4.1.0, this item has a new icon. It now actually looks like a swords deck :D

Comment by Malinq

Grants 25 rep with Darkmoon Faire, same as Rogues Deck.

Comment by Myroloresh

so how do I get this quest, I'm lv 20 and need those leather shoulderpaths(##RESPBREAK##)2572##DELIM##MasterOfDisguise##DELIM##

Comment by drpimento

I worked this thing every chance between 2 alts& finally got the slippery 3. Alts went up ELEVEN levels the time I got the deck! Therefore rewards don't equal effort and this whole effort was a nauseating bust. I feel dumb for pursuing this lame-o goal. What a waste. I wonder who the hell at Blizz thought this was a good idea.. I'd rather be forced into a room with hot babes and be forced to read Joyce.

Comment by Supahawt69

Is there any way a starter edition can get the full swords deck? Scribe locks at 100 and we can't access the auction house.

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