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How does it work?

Any writer can launch a project on Inkshares anytime at no cost. Readers then pre-order a copy of your book at a discounted price (they only pay when your book is published). If unfamiliar with crowdfunded book publishing, find more details here.

At midnight PST on May 31st, Inkshares will announce the top five science fiction and fantasy projects as determined by the highest pre-order counts, even if they haven’t hit their pre-order threshold, and will publish all of them. Only projects that have launched after April 1, 2015 are eligible. Sword & Laser will then choose one of those five to debut as a “Sword & Laser” book. All five projects will receive the same editorial, production, distribution, and marketing support as any Inkshares project, including distribution into independent bookstores as well as Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.

What is a “Collection?”

A “Collection” is essentially an imprint run by a third party on Inkshares. All titles within a Collection will receive that Collection’s branding and will be discoverable as part of a Collection on the Inkshares site. Learn more here.

How do I join a Collection?

The owner of a Collection decides which Inkshares project they want to include as part of their Collection. The author has final say on if they want to be included in a Collection. The Sword & Laser is the first Collection launching on Inkshares and is using a contest to narrow the contenders. Many other Collections will be joining Inkshares over the following months and they will all look for different qualities in a project before deciding to include it in their Collection. Stay updated on Inkshares Collections by following us on Twitter:@inkshares.

Will I receive less royalties for participating in this Collection?

No. While a Collection owner can choose to take a small percent of an author’s royalties in exchange for the promotional activities that help a book get funded and marketed, the debut book in the Sword & Laser Collection will receive the same royalty structure as any Inkshares author.

What if I’m chosen to participate in another Inkshares Collection?

You can only be in one Collection at a time. If chosen to be another Collection in addition to making it into the top five in this contest, you should decide which Collection feels most in line with your publishing goals. This is a good problem to have.

What if I already had my science fiction/fantasy project on Inkshares and the funding date ends before May 31st?

What’s the best way to increase my pre-order count?

We have a crowdfunding guide that may help. In addition, explore Inkshares credits. Your friends, family, and the broader science fiction/fantasy reader community can earn credits by engaging with and referring your work, allowing them to better support you.

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