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Is there a more recognized martial arts weapon than that of the graceful Sword? Equally beautiful in design and purpose, the secret of the Asian martial arts sword lies in its simplicity. And, as with most things in the martial arts, it is that simplicity which gives way to incredible difficulty.

What's so hard to get about a sword, right? You may think it's all about picking this weapon up by the handle and waving the pointy end at your opponent, but then you'd be wrong. So very wrong. The martial arts world is full of students of the sword. From the Kendo master who has devoted his life to the sword art, to the beginning wushu student, the sword is a weapon that may take years upon years to master but is never completely learned.

At KarateMart.com we strive to bring our aspiring martial artists the very best options available no matter where they may find themselves in their journey. Below you'll find our carefully selected offerings of various Asian swords. From apprentice to pro, we know you'll find a sword for you in our selection below! Need some help getting started?

Our Foam Practice Swords and Wooden Swords are a great place for students of the sword art to begin their shopping. We offer a huge variety of wooden bokken and foam training swords that are perfect for students of most Japanese sword arts.

If you're looking for real metal Japanese swords though, you'll definitely want to check out our Samurai Swords and Ninja Swords sections, where we keep an amazing collection of various katana and ninjato. Ranging from the affordable to the authentic, this is one area of our site where a real sword fan can easily lose track of time.

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