Spyderco Tenacious G 10 Review

Resistance to wear is mediocre at best. Being made of 8CR13MO, the steel rolls at magnesium(Flint blocks). The edge holding ability is embarrassing, but it's one of the downsides for buying a cheap folding knife, look into Byrd knives for similar yet less expensive knives made of this steel.

One of the biggest flaws is the design, it's a Liner-lock model and has no under choil. That makes for one dangerous knife, simply try closing it and you will find there is nothing to stop the knife from closing upon your thumb, easy cuts may come while closing your Tenacious.

The G-10 material that this knife uses is notably and outstandingly different from the more prestigious Military, Police models. The G-10 is less grippy(Something that G-10 is supposed to do) and the screws are absurdly easy to destroy.

All in all, I would pick something else to buy for $30. 8CR13MO steel can be found on knives costing $15, part of the reason why this knife is priced out of it's abilities.

I would simply pay more for a knife, nothing wrong with Spdyderco but this knife belongs in the Byrd line. Look into the Native, cheap but with a great steel blade.

I agree, 8cr13 is not a bad steel at all. albieght its not going to perform like cpmS30V, or 154cm, VG10 etc, but its not S100 either... honestly most people simply dont need nor can appreciate a super steel in the first place... what are you TRULY going to use your edc for anyway; opening boxes, cutting cord, etc. If you truly do HARD use your knives such as farm or military style use (youll probably use a fixed blade anyway) you are most likely in a position to apprecuate and possibly need the performance a supersteel provides, in which case you can justify spending $150 on your edc... but for most of us non farming civilians 8cr13 is MORE than adequate blade steel. ooh yeah, I agree, Mr Negativity most surely either a, never owned a Tenacious or b, knows nothing about knives, more likely both. (a bushing falling out. rubbish.!)

I've personally had no issues with this seems like I deploy my knife every 5 minutes to cut either plastic or cardboard as well as many many other random tasks throughout the day and it holds an edge just fine. The good thing about this steel is that you can have it shaving sharp again very very quickly. We're talking a matter of seconds if you actually know how to sharpen a knife. Moreover, $30 might be the limit for some folks..personally I'm not about to spend big bucks on a knife that gets used and beat around all day every day. I'm going to look for a cheaper knife that can take abuse and is easy to sharpen. You'd be hard pressed to out do the tenacious in those areas IMO. Don't take my word for it but I don't know many people who put their knives through the type of use mine sees every single day and the tenacious has done it all and held up outstandingly well. For 99% of the population this is going to be more than enough knife for EDC. I might pick something different for combat or shtf but even then the tenacious could hold its own with proper maintenance

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