Spyderco Self Defense Knife

best self defense knifeAsk any martial arts expert and he’ll give you a different view on what you should look for in a knife. There is no consensus here because, like most things, you have to find what works for you, your body type, and your environment. Because of that, the following features are most important:

  • The knife must have a sharp, thin blade able to cut through materials such as thick leather.
  • The knife must fit securely in your hand.
  • The knife must be easily carried.
  • The knife must be easily deployable.

Other features such as fixed or folding, serrated or flat edge, or stainless vs. carbon are individual preferences.

Background of the Spyderco Civilian

KnifeUp recommends the Spyderco Civilian as the best self defense knife. Developed for under cover US law enforcement officers, the Spyderco Civilian has a curved S shape serrated blade that gives the user the ability to cut deeply into flesh. The curved handle allows the user to slash and stab without worrying about losing their grip on the knife. The thin blade tip gives the knife a great cutting tip that can easily cut through thick leather or jeans. The seration makes cuting through flesh and fabric easy.

Reviews of the Spyderco Civilian

Online self defense experts stated that this knife is a great self defense knife because of its intuitive design. Individuals without prior knife training can easily use this knife. No years of practice is needed. In addition to that, the ATS 55 steel will stay sharp for ages and, given that the blade’s shape limits the knife’s use to only self defense, the knife will never become dull from day to day use.

Other knives for self defense on the market lack the design, durability, and power of the Civilian. What’s more, the knife’s folding blade mechanism allows for deep carry within your pocket: making the knife invisible from the outside.


If you are looking for the best knife for self defense, check out the Spyderco Civilian. Spyderco is a US knife maker based out of Golden, Colorado and is known for making great, high quality knives. Developed for under cover law enforcement officers, the Civilian is a great knife designed for only one thing: keeping you safe. The Knife’s MSRP is $279 but it can be found on this trusted online retailer for $145.

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Spyderco Self Defense
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