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Cutting-bean-bag-fabricTo make the bean bag cubes

1. Cut six squares each measuring 22” x 22”, using the 6” x 24” Rotary Ruler and Cutter Combo.

2. Pin one square of fabric to a second square of fabric down on one side and stitch together with a ½” seam allowance. Reinforce the seams with a double stitched seam: after sewing your first seam, stitch a second seam within the seam allowance, ⅛” away from the first seam.

3. Trim away the seam allowance using the 8” Amplify RazorEdge Shears.

4. Repeat for two more squares of fabric to create 4 squares stitched together in a row.

5. Stitch the first square to the last square to create the four stitched sides of the bean bag cube.

6. Pin the right side of one of the remaining fabric squares to the right side of the top edges of the four side pieces. Ensure each corner of the top square is aligned with the four corners of the sides.Pin-two-squares-together Sew the square around the perimeter of the side pieces, easing the fabric around the curve of the corners to prevent catching folds of fabric in your stitching. Double stitch your seam to reinforce.

7. Repeat with the bottom square piece but leave a 12” hole unsewn in one of the sides.

8. Clip corners and any bulky seams using the 8” Amplify RazorEdge Shears.

9. Turn the bean bag the right way out through the hole you left in the seam.

10. Fill the bean bag with bean bag beans.

11. Pin the opening closed and hand stitch closed with a blanket stitch. Blanket stitch around all seams for extra reinforcement.

Trim-seam-allowanceTo make the cushions or pillows

1. Use the 6” x 24” Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo to cut two squares of outdoor fabric measuring 20” x 20”.

2. Pin the contrast piping to the right side of one of the cut squares. Align the raw edge of the piping with the raw edge of the fabric. Sew the piping to the fabric.

3. Trim the excess piping using the 8” Amplify RazorEdge Shears.

Pin-top-square-to-sides4. Lay the second cut fabric square on the cutting mat. Place the fabric square with the piping attached on top of it and pin together with right sides facing. Sew the two squares together using the stitches from sewing the piping as your guide. Leave an 8” hole unsewn in one side for turning.

5. Trim the corners using the 8” Amplify RazorEdge Shears.

6. Turn the cushion to the right side and fill with polyfil.

7. Pin the hole closed and stitch to close the cushion.

To make the sun shade

1. Measure your space to determine how much fabric you require to make your sun shade.

2. Trim the short end of your fabric piece using the 6” x 24” Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo.

3. Fold the raw edge of one short end ½” to the wrong side and press with an iron. Turn the end over again by ½” and press. Pin the fold in place and sew to give a neat hem to the fabric.

Trim-corners Turn-bean-bag-to-right-side Pin-piping-to-fabric Trim-excess-piping

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