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Glock 19A law enforcement officer’s lifeline is his weapon. Guns for law enforcement must be powerful enough to stop criminals and accurate enough to help officers hit their mark. The quality of their guns can mean the difference between surviving to work another day and tragically dying in the line of duty. Here are ten firearms for law enforcement that should be known by anyone looking to pursue a career in criminal justice.

Glock is an Austrian handgun manufacturer that prides itself on quality. In 1988, they introduced the Glock 19 to the market. This model quickly became popular with officers for its lightweight design. It was made to be a toned-down version of the Glock 17. Officers wanted a smaller Glock that was easier to conceal. The Glock company responded by making the Glock 19 about four inches smaller on the barrel and about 7 inches shorter in total. This brought the total weight of the gun while fully loaded to about 30 ounces. The best part is they achieved this while keeping the magazine at 15 rounds.

This firearm is popular among law enforcement for its durability, accuracy, and versatility. This weapon has a simple design, which means it is simple to clean. It is also designed to work in extreme temperature conditions. This makes it a great choice for officers in all regions of the world. Officers have also said this gun is more accurate and has more stopping power than its predecessor. These are big reasons why this firearm is a favorite for an off-duty or undercover weapon.

Glock 22The Glock 22 is the next firearm in line after the Glock 19 and looks quite similar at first glance. The only two aesthetic differences are the Glock 22 is a couple of inches longer and a few ounces heavier than the Glock 19. Launched in 1990, this gun became one of the top guns for military and police by 2006. The reason this gun has become so favorable is it offers more power.

The only advantage the Glock 19 offers officers is the fact that it’s easier to conceal. If concealment isn’t a concern, then most officers prefer the Glock 22. A big reason for this is that it has the capability to shoot both 9mm and .40 caliber ammunition. Before the Glock 22, there was no Glock in between .45 caliber and 9mm. This gun combines the power of a .45 caliber weapon with the size and flexibility of a 9mm weapon. It’s for this reason it can be found in the holsters of thousands of cops around the world.

Smith & Wesson M&P9Smith & Wesson is an American gun company that has been manufacturing guns for over a century. They made their first gun in 1852 and have since gone on to supply American troops with sidearms in virtually every war since the Civil War. Smith & Wesson has become one of the top suppliers of the world’s police forces due to their prestigious reputation. One of the most popular police issue firearm from this company is the Military & Police (M&P) 9. Back in 2013, the entire Los Angeles Police Department switched over to the M&P 9. If the second largest police force in America thinks the M&P 9 is a great weapon, then that’s all the social proof you need.

What makes this gun so popular among law enforcement is its personalization capabilities. The M&P 9 has a Picatinny rail under the muzzle that allows officers to install all types of custom accessories. This includes things like laser sights and flashlights. It also accommodates left-handed officers with ambidextrous controls. It also offers small upgrades in the safety department, such as the loaded chamber indicator.

Beretta’s claim to fame is that it is the oldest active gun manufacturer in the world. This Italian company has been producing fine firearms dating back all the way to the 16th century. Since then, they have expanded to a multi-national corporation that supplies militaries and police forces all around the world with quality firearms.

The Beretta Model 92 hit the market in 1975. It has the open-side design that Beretta is noted for, and it is constructed out of a lightweight aluminum alloy that is comparable to what is used in aircrafts. This makes it one of the most durable guns on the market. Some officers were complaining that the gun was too bulky, so Beretta came out with the 92SB in 1981. This version was smaller, shorter, and lighter. Beretta also released an automatic model, the 92C, in 1990 so officers would have an equal to the rise of semi-automatic and automatic weapons on the streets.

Beretta Model 92 Sig Sauer p226

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