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Leroy Merz Antique Firearms stocks more old Winchester Rifles than anyone else.On this page we have selected a few highlights from our current inventory of old guns for sale. Below are a few interesting and unique antique guns for sale. Other items on this page we chose because we think they are a good value for the money. If you are interested in buying or selling unusual and distinctive antique guns, this is the right place for you.

But first we'd like to mention a little about our overall inventory. We always have hundreds of antique Winchester rifles as well as collectable modern Winchesters in stock, including rifles, carbines (saddlering and eastern carbines), muskets, single shot rifles, shotguns and all other types of Winchester and Henry Rifles. This website is organized by manufacturer and model. The links to the right correspond to the various models manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. New Haven, Conn. USA.

Further down the right column we have links to various other antique American guns, including Marlin, Savage, and Colt rifles and shotguns, Colt single action revolvers, dragoons and other Colt pistols, various good quality American shotguns and European shotguns, old & collectible handguns, and all other types of antique firearms, weapons, collectable western memorabilia and related items.

In addition to our large inventory of old guns for sale, we carry all sorts of non-firearms weapons, western memorabilia, gun books, firearms accessories and accoutrements. Whether you collect guns, Western Americana, or any sort of antiques, you will likely find something interesting and unique to complement your collection.

The links in the right column, highlight our inventory of collectible knives, swords and blades other antique weapons, as well as antique Native American made items, including Indian Arrowheads tools & beadwork and other rare artifacts from the Old West.

We currently have a large selection of bullet molds and loading tools made by Winchester, Ideal and other companies, as well as some very nice new reloading dies.

We have a few current firearms reference books, as well as scarce old gun catalogs, rare firearms advertising, curios and vintage photographs from the American West in our paper collectibles section. Our general antiques section has a little of everything.

We often showcase one-of-a-kind investment-grade pieces, including some engraved by the masters of firearms engraving or historic guns once owned by presidents, kings and outlaws. In addition, our inventory always includes many inexpensive antiques and unique items for the beginning collector. If you are a collector or investor of any type of antique or rare guns, please tell us what interests you. If we don't have what you need in stock, our team of antique firearms experts will locate it for you. Or, if you have old guns to sell contact us.

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